Timber Plugin/Mod

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Do you want the timber mod/plugin?

Yes I do! 3 vote(s) 10.0%
No I don't! 27 vote(s) 90.0%
  1. I think the server should add the timber mod cus me and my partner are growing trees but they are hard to chop and we both agree we want the timber mod/plugin. It would make farming wood much easier and efficient. Thats why i think the server should add the timber mod/plugin.
  2. EMC might be vanilla with sprinkles, but this is straying a little too far from Vanilla Minecraft in my opinion. :) While this could be useful, it could also create more work for the developers (and Aikar already works 25 hours a day) as well as taking away from the Vanilla experience. :)
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  3. ok i just thought for people that need quick wood and dont like floating trees would like this but now that i think of it it can cause some lagg
  4. Please do not suggest plugins/mods.

    This will most likely not be happening because, similar to what hashhog3000 said, it strays a little too far from Vanilla. However, in the future, Aikar may see fit to add a perk or a tool that resembles the timber mod.
  5. Seems legit :p (I know the joke)
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  6. mee too
  7. Sorry, but I think you and your partner are the minority in this case.
  8. Not going to happen.

    The reason is EMC is a vanilla minecraft server. That means NO MODS OR PLUGINS.
  9. Actually, EMC has plenty of plugins. However, they don't drastically change the Vanilla gameplay or cause lag. :)
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  10. Only thing that really caused lag was Nick5013's old melon farm.

    Moment of silence for all of the frames lost back in the day.
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  11. No it doesn't.
    And the server crashes :oops:

    So, um, on topic; this has already been suggested a bunch of times and denied on all occasions.
  12. Gotta ask....Is chopping down trees really that much of a problem for people? o.0
  13. Please read through the suggestions before making a post. This has already been suggested and denied in the past.

    There's a mod suggestion forum for a reason.
  14. No. There is a Suggestion Box for a reason. There is no Mod Suggestion Forum. Did you see the thread that was solely for this purpose?
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  15. yes because if you grow big jungles or spruces than its trouble
  16. No, it's not that difficult. For jungle or dark oak, you stair step up the tree in a spiral motion. For spruce and other tall trees, simply dirt tower up to finish it off. I, and many others, do it all the time.
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  17. lol also you suggested literally the laggiest mod known to man, so laggy that they removed it from the voltz packs. so not no, but heck no
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