Thoughts on wild land claiming. Also a warning of things that may come.

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  1. Edit: I cut this post of mine out because I realize that the EMC staff have probably already thought of these issues. Obviously it's not up to me. Keep up the good work and thanks again.
  2. For the "Legal griefing", I doubt anyone would waste an egg to destroy a base.
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  3. I do believe they are going to make you be entirely able to report and ban someone if they undertake your base. It will be considered griefing, but I know what you mean. It'll be a bit lame to have someone just claim a territory right outside of yours. But the frequencies of dragons eggs will almost entirely remove that idea.
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  4. as far as resources go, thats why wastelands is coming out with/before land claiming
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  5. OK, well it sounds like perhaps these dragon eggs will be rare enough that it won't get to be like my old server was, and I think wastelands is going to be awesome. I do wonder what the town worlds will be like. I'm sure that the moderators and staff have already considered how changes will affect EMC, I just thought I'd mention my experience on a server where things had gotten way out of hand, because I'd be really sad if EMC became like that.
  6. More than likely, most of those who get the eggs to claim land, will be those who already live in the wild in bases and outposts. There are quite a chunk who do this who have to deal with jerks griefing. The other chunk are mostly townies who could care less about the wild and most of them are either young kids, have had so many bad experiences/weren't prepared in the wild, gave up due to griefers or have enough money they don't see a need to harvest so they just buy everything. Not everyone will leave town and most people are in the wild on a few servers and in town on others.

    I think in some of the discussion they're going to have some specific rules on land claiming so hopefully it doesn't turn into your old server :).
  7. I've played on a few servers with land claiming, and I gave up within 15 minutes.

    You will not be able to just use a command and claim some land. It'll require dragon eggs, possibly multiple, and a large pool of rupees. There's a safe area, so you won't be able to claim land right in front of spawn.

    It will be illegal to claim someone else's base.

    EMC will not become your old server. Aikar and Justin would not allow EMC to become a mess. I trust that the staff would never change EMC for the worse.
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  8. How long did you play on that server before it was possible to claim land in the wild?
    How long after that change? Did you claim land in the wild yourself?
    Was the (original) town a separate dimension there?
    Was the claimed land in the wild anyhow protected from monsters? From creeper explosions?
    Could you set up (automatic) shops? In the wild?

    So most player were happy to leave the town and build in the wild?
    What do you think, why did they prefer to leave the town?

    So a part of the community did keep the town as their main base / residence?
    Why did they stay in the town? Were the not that good at surviving in the wild? Or something else?

    How far from the wild spawn?

    How far from the spawn?
    How many people play on that server in average?
    What would you say, how many playing hours per week? (If you can estimate)

    You would have chance to ask for the land claiming to be rolled back.
    Advice: mark your bases with signs. Include your name and perhaps current date. In this way, you will be able to prove that the base is (and was) yours. Don't try to take over others' base - the signs are tracked. If you see others' sign in your base, report that to a mod to find who placed it and solve any potential problem.

    This would be more in direction of PvP ... EMC is strictly non-PvP.

    Within around 1 minute of travel time, you can get around 4000 blocks (250 chunks) away from the spawn.
    If one wild residence is 5x5 chunks (80x80 blocks), calculate how many players need to claim land starting at minimum distance of 16 chunks (256 blocks) from the spawn to fill 50% of the available area between that border and the outer border of 4000 blocks.

    You certainly would not like to force people to stay in the town.
    If people do like to town more than the wild, then I guess they would stay there even if claiming land in the wild would be for free.
  9. Those are good questions M4nic_M1ner, here are my answers:

    I started playing on the old server when land claiming had already been implemented and the wilderness world had been allowed to decay to that state. At the time I thought that's how all servers must be (I'd only played single-player before that) and I tried to make the best of it off and on for about 6 months before I got sick of it, searched for another server and found EMC.

    No, I never did claim land in their wilderness because all the land that was available was unappealing to me and I wanted to save up for a location that I liked.

    Yes, the original town was separated out, like ours.

    Yes, they had shops in the wild.

    I'm assuming people left the town because there were no resources in the town so once they could build outside of it there was no reason to bring anything back in. There was no point to having a town anymore and once the resources in the wild had been used so heavily the only way to acquire additional resources was to grief anything that was not claimed.

    If anyone stayed in the town I rarely ever saw them. There were buildings there but I didn't ever see players there and town chat was dead. I could answer a few of the other questions but I don't want any moderators to suspect me of providing too much information about another server.

    After reading your other thoughts I think the circumstances are different enough (the fact that EMC is far better-managed being a primary one) that EMC won't turn into that. I'm not against the idea of land claiming if it is done in a way that prevents the kinds of issues I brought up, I just raised these points because I'd hate to see such a good thing go in that direction, that's all.
  10. One thing I am hoping for: being able to make warps to your wild base : that way it wouldn't be that much of a difference :D
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  11. i dont think they will do that while the use of land claiming prevents griefing i still think they would want the travel time to remain the same
  12. That moment when i feel like the only one who didn't know we're actually adding this feature in.......

    But really. I have ben here what i can consider a good while, I highly doubt that any of our wonderful staff would try to harm EMC.
    Unless you took over Aikar's box.
    Then there might be an issue :p
  13. It's been made fairly clear that EMC has it covered. That's why it's taking so long, in fact. :)

    So naturally, I made this...

  14. ^whos house is that? aikar lives in a tent
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  15. That is Justin's house :)
  16. You are by no means advertising, that's 100% clear.

    It would be very interesting to know (approximately)
    - what part of the land within 4000 block radius from the spawn was claimed?
    - what part of it was (heavily) exploited?
    - how far would you need to travel to get to unexploited land, how far to not yet generated land?
    - and how many people play there (in average)?

    Because ... I think it takes around 1 hour to exploit 5 chunks (area of around 1200 blocks). To exploit an area with 4000 blocks radius (that is area of around 50M blocks or 196k chunks or place for 7,840 residences of size 80x80) it would take around 40,000 hours.

    If there were 5 miners digging around the clock (in average ... I think that's more than in average per EMC server), it would take around one year to exploit that area.
    So ... on an 1 year old server with many players - it's possible that you need to travel more than 4k blocks out (more than 1.5 minutes travel time) to find unexploited areas.
    On EMC, we're far away from that "goal" :) - we have 4 outposts in addition to the spawn, so we need around 5 years to "achieve" it :)