Thoughtouts on 1.19.1 chat report

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Your thoughtouts on chat report

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  2. Thanks for bringing this up! I hadn't heard of it.
    I found the following:
    Sounds quite weird to me, to be honest. I really don't think this is a job for Mojang. I also think they severely underestimate the amount of reports that they will get. They would probably need hundreds of people employed to handle them, wouldn't they? :confused:
    It would also be quite stupid to be banned from online play by saying something offensive in a Realm with friends.
  3. I would imagine it'd get outsourced to an army of agency workers in a Microsoft-affiliated call centre.
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  4. It is too early to cast judgement about it. We know almost nothing about the system. They have to implement a system for the servers they manage (realms especially). The only messages that are reportable would be ones that are "signed". Currently, almost no mainstream bukkit/spigot/paper/etc servers which will have support for that feature. EMC won't have it when we release 1.19/1.19.1 not because we don't want it - but because it is flat-out not an option at this point.

    At face value, what they are trying to do, seems compatible with the goals and culture that we would want for people connecting to EMC.
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  5. Ah? That sounds strange to me... would you want to blacklist people that have done nothing wrong as far as EMC is concerned?
  6. I disagree with the phrasing of your question. The part I have a problem with, is that they will in fact have done something wrong.
    Based on the community guidelines that have been on the Minecraft website since 2019, those guidelines seem consistent with EMC's rules. Yes I would want them blacklisted if they have verifiably done horrible things.