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  1. It is very close to thanksgiving! IdK what it wuld be for the promo... that's where everyone else comes in handy! I'd like a couple ideas from some members and then see who's best.
  2. Only appropriate promo I can think of is a possible chicken renamed " Thanksgiving Turkey "
  3. Do we really need a promo for every holiday?
  4. Nope, it is just that people want to celebrate a holiday where we killed people and took their land and then decided to have a giant feast on us killing people and taking land.
  5. Now I have an idea for a Columbus Day promo. A voucher which allows you to go to someone's home and claim it as your own.
  6. Like^15

    Edit: Too OP, make it only Wild Use ( for dem wild outposts )
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  7. Sounds like fun
  8. I think the next one will be the 2013 New Years Firework, because I think Aikar said once they will repeat each year.
  9. Perhaps a stone axe titled "Turkey Butcherer" Some strange enchants/abilities/noises and voila...
  10. I have already celebrated this holiday.. doesn't really work when not everyone celebrates it at the same time.
  11. I think there need to be a chicken the rename Thanksgiving Turkey and it has unlimited food. but it does not drop
  12. lol. I think instead of a promo ITEM. have a promo event.
  13. Yes.
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  14. +1
  15. Don't really celebrate thanks giving down here in Australia
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  16. Err, 2014 you mean?
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  17. That is sad :(
  18. yeh, the main event killer.... (Although, they did celebrate IDay, they don't celebrate that everywhere)
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  20. Nobody was killed intentionally for this holiday?
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