This Should Really Be Updated. LOL

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Should this advertisement be changed?

Yes 28 vote(s) 84.8%
No 5 vote(s) 15.2%

  1. This is the message all Non-Supporters get on the site. It is pretty important as it is basically advertising the perks of being a supporter. I have found that it has failed in a few ways, I'll even list a few to help you all out (incase you don't notice on your own ;) ).

    1: "Use TNT". I believe all players can use TNT, Not just supporters lol.

    2: "Flying on Utopia". All players can fly on Utopia Town.

    3: "Color Name". Shouldn't that say "Colored Name"? Lol

    Someone should Really redesign/update this so it is accurate, It need an update pretty badly.

    I'm talking to You, Aikar , Krysyyjane9191 , and Maxarias
  2. Actually everyone can use TNT now so 1. is pointless
  3. Maybe that could be february's contest. To make another banner
  4. I sometimes got supporter advertisements as a supporter lol
  5. lol sounds like a bug
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  6. I think a contest for an updated one would be great :D
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  7. Updates needed on this for sure we don't wanna be telling false info :/
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  8. I'll see if krysyy can whip up a quick modification to it. Good catch... I dont see that so forgot all about it.
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  9. I'll talk to you in that convo you sent me bro
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  10. I'm willing to make a Beautiful *throws confetti* Banner for you guys to replace it with that would be accurate using my Amazing photoshop skills (not expecting you guys to want me to, but offer is out there)
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  11. I thought you had the trial that was going to expire.

    Did you finally pony up the big bucks for photoshop? =P
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  12. nope not anymore
    lol maybe [REDACTED]
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  13. i love when i redacted things with my redacted, redacted
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  14. I was going to say this but.. I thought this was already on the long list of things for them to do?
  15. Nah, since I've been a supporter almost since I joined EMC, I didn't even know this banner existed until this post.
  16. LOL
  17. I disabled it with AdBlock :oops:
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  18. adblock doesnt disable it, it actually makes you get it more often.
  19. AdBlock lets you block specific things:

  20. Yeah, I'm pretty sure if Aikar implemented it in the way I said it could be (yeah, you can blame me for that ad - sorry. Think on the bright side - there were going to be multiple in rotation! :D) it's specifically designed to show instead of an ad if you try and use adblock.

    Obviously you can still adblock it if you remove the element itself, but adblock doesn't auto do it.
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