This post is not an auction

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  1. You know you want to click the O just do it click the O any O works as long as it is in this post so just click one of the O's do it, you know you want to if you haven't already.
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  2. Let me guess, rickroll?
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  3. Oh, how did i guess?
  4. Do.. not... click... Os
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  5. Visit SirBobalot's Rick Roll res at /v +rickroll OR /v 18111! You can buy Rick Roll books to rick roll your friends and also get the link for the song! More coming soon!
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  6. nah this is an auction
  7. I disagree with every single O in there.
  8. Jokes on YOU! I actually like the song so... HAHA! REKT!
  9. I dont know this whole thing is so 2007 :p Also Astley already one the greatest Rick roll award doing it at the Macy's thanks giving parade. Nothing can beat that :p .
  10. I like the song too, so haha!