This just happened....

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  1. So, I was watching a stream earlier today on Twitch and this happened.....

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  2. well then...
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  3. Wow, Oh deary, deary me!
  4. Apparently, some prankster called the police and said that someone had a bomb in the building.
  5. This is just...i dont know what to say...

    Be careful next time you stream people :p
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  6. Wow, well if that's true that's a really awful thing to do!
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  7. Not the first time this happened to someone, but wow
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  8. They also evacuated two schools that were near the building.
  9. :confused: only the creatures man...
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  10. Wow xD
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  11. Well then. Did he get released or is he still in custody?
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  12. He was released from custody. They are now trying to find the prank caller.
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  13. Well, I am pretty sure if you are falsely taken into custody, they give you a little compensation money. That's good for him.
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  14. It's always good to get arrested :)
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  15. Oh wow, how many people were watching his stream?
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  16. Wow.
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  17. Around 4,000.
  18. Tackling a man who was sitting there and putting his hands in the air, then proceeding to swear at him and threaten to kick his head while he was showing no resistance at all is just wrong. And also telling him to not, why would he try and run past a bunch of guys with guns?

    And ofc the best way to disarm a bomb is with assault rifles.

    P.S I love how American Police have like rifles and stuff and citizens are allowed to carry handguns, and in Britain the highest ranking officers are allowed like, a baton. The worst i've ever seen a Police officer do is almost punch a man and swear at me :p
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  19. Amen to that! :)