This is why I love EMC

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  1. I always thought the EMC community was the most unique community I've ever seen. Yesterday, you all confirmed it. When tragic events occur from around the world, we all come together and share our condolences and send prayers for everyone who needs it.

    Something I noticed that really caught my eye was this:

    This image really brought tears to my eyes. The change of colors on the logo made me realize EMC isn't just a minecraft server and forum; EMC is more than a community, it's a family.

    This is why I, personally love EMC. I'd love for you all to share why YOU love it.
  2. We love you too. :p
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  3. Youtube followed our lead. Glad to see this awful event being recognized.
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  4. Why I love EMC: The kid-friendly atmosphere, friendly and nice community, and I can actually have decent conversations with people. :)
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  5. I know right:
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