This is not a ban appeal, simply an apology.

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  1. Some may now that just a few minutes ago I griefed, advertised servers, and some bad things about EMC. I would like to say, that I didn't mean any of it. I just simply needed a way to get off Emc and that was the only way possible for me. Here is my apology to: All staff senior, regular, and admins. Especially to Aikar. I said mean things, but didn't mean them.
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  2. You coulda always ASKED to be banned temporarily or permanently...
  3. When you /p your name it says your not banned..?
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  4. I don't understand. How can doing bad things be the only way to get off emc?
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  5. I see your reasoning, I ban myself on Roblox all the time to get myself off of it

    (Can't quote, 607)
    It's hard to keep yourself off of somethings sometimes
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  6. I agree with this.

    However, griefing is not the way to keep yourself off of something, and is certainly not the way forward.

    Asking to be banned to keep yourself off of something would have been much simpler, easier, and better.
  7. (I wish I could quote, FDNY - However, greifing is not the way to keep yourself off of something)
    Agreed, greifing is never acceptable. It's in the name, it causes greif... And asking to be banned would have been much better either way, explaining the situation to a few staff members. They would probably understand and agree to temp ban you for however long you needed
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  8. How do you ban yourself?
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  9. the really simple way. becoming a mod, get community manager and ban yourself. not sure why you would do that.
    option 2: ask for it
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  10. Say a few... choice words in a message to anyone and you'll get banned for "inappropriate language" you'll show as banned until you log in and agree to the terms again

    Edit: The message never gets sent to the person, so no problems
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  11. Not to instigate anything, but I'm 95% sure you will regret this. You can just; log out? Plenty of ways to rid of yourself at will.
    However. now you're in a situation where should you decide to come back, you'll have to appeal and go through all sorts of garbage. Worst of all you'll likely get purged and who knows if it's going to be accepted. Sorry, but this could have been handled a lot better :/
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  12. Just uninstall MC from your computer. Chances are you'll be to lazy to reinstall it. That's what I did. ;)
    Anyway, I hope all goes to your plan for what you did if that makes sense :eek:
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  13. Oh sheesh, not you too? :(
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  14. I guess last night wasn,t enough sorry to hear this now code, I know you didn't mean it and maybe in time you will feel better about what ever it was that upset you.
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