Things to do while ICC crashes the server you're on with WE

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  1. This thread is a list of "Things to do while ICC crashes the server you're on with WE". Please add one or two of your best ideas :)

    1. Make a thread entitled "Things to do while ICC crashes the server you're on with WE"

    2. Wonder how long it'll take for Justin and Aikar to fix Jeremy's little mistake

    3. Wonder if Jeremy somehow selected the entire world, rather than his res, and changed everything to redstone.

    4. Go get Icecream. And watch this video:
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    1. Wonder what to do with my life.
    2. Find a bridge.
    3. Climb on it.
    4. Jump off it.
    5. Have a magical Mooshroom somewhere grow wings.
    6. Watch it spawn.
    7. Be saved by it.
    8. Repeat.
  2. 1. Get a potato.
    2. Watch the potato.
    3. Get a giant green ball.
    4. Hit the potato with the giant green ball.
    5. Apologize to the potato.
    6. Get a panda.
    7. Feed the panda.
    8. Get a potato-ball.
    9. Give the potato-ball to the panda.
    10. Watch the panda play with it.
    11. Feed the panda some more, with a touch of water.
    12. Get a potato.
    13. Watch the potato.
    14. Get a potato.
    15. Watch the potato.
    16. Get a potato.
    17. Watch the potato.
    18. Get a potato.
    19. Watch the potato.
    20. You have successfully done something while "ICC fixes the server that crashed that you were on"
    21. ICC crashed the server again.
    22. Rinse and repeat.
  3. 1. Be awesome.
    2. Be more awesome.
    3. Be even more awesome.
    4. Overload on being awesome.
    5. Post on a thread how awesome you are.
    6. Get compliments on being awesome.
    7. Make a list of ten reasons why you should give me rupees on a thread.
    8. Continue being awesome.
    9. ?????
    10. Profit
  4. 10 things to do when reading this thread

    1.You're reading this.
    2.You realized how stupid this list is.
    4. You didn't realize I skipped 3.
    5. You checked.
    6. You're smiling.
    8. You didn't realize I just skipped 7.
    9. You're checking again.
    10. You're smiling.
    12. You fell for it again.
    13. You didn't even notice there were only supposed to be 10 facts.
  5. But the thing is.. it IS only 10 facts.
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  6. Every single trick got me xD
  7. That video was like a blender for my mind, :confused:
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  8. 1. read this thread
    2. vomit on my own stomach
    3. eat it
    4. revomit it
    5. wipe it on the couch
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  9. 1. meme attack
  10. 1. Solve the economic problem.
    2. There is no step two, if you have done 1 correctly then all demands you have or could ever have have already been met.
  11. I wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyway.
  12. Oh but there's always more.

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  13. That's in the OP, I saw that XD
    This isn't the weird part of youtube. This is beyond the bizarre part of youtube. This is the cyriak part of youtube.
  14. Is it bad that I have a strong interest in these videos?
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