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  1. Hey guys, earthquake02 here with a brand new guild! It's just an idea so far and I'd like to try and get a couple members to make it a reality. The entire point of this guild is so a team of players can jump right into the wild with a pickaxe and have fun. The guild currently has no members and I'd like to get at least 3 to start moving into the wild. I do have a skin for all members. But take note, if you like the skin you have now, you don't need to wear it. I don't currently have an emblem although I am working on one. Here are the requirements to apply to the Thieves Guild.

    To Apply,
    What is your Username?
    Why we should accept you to the Thieves Guild?
    Name some interesting things about you?
    What are you best at in Minecraft?

    If you join do you want the member designated skin?

    Private message me this information and I'll get back to you about joining.

    All Mods read this! The Thieves Guild does not steal from any player, we steal from the environment of Minecraft and use the resources to make stuff!

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  2. My username is Chascarrillo,
    and you should accept me because i'm a good archer and miner, and minerals tend to find wherever i go.
    Interesting facts about me: The enderdragon tried my water slide at 4440.
    I am the best killing mobs with a bow in the hand (especially zombies), and i love mining.
  3. Chascarrillo, I am accepting your application and thank you so much for applying. There is one question you did not answer though. Would you like the skin I picked for the Thieves Guild?
  4. My User Name Is Nole972
    Accept Me Because I Can Snipe Skeletons And Make Well Hidden Hideouts
    Interesting Fact: I Am A Cross Guild Player I Play On any Guild That Needs Me
    I am Best At Hunting And mining with diamond swords and bows.
    And I Do Not Want The Skin :p :eek: Cuz I Like Gir Skin
    Bad Part About Me Is I Have Memory Loss So I Get lost Easily
  5. My Name is CreppaNinga235,
    and you should pick me because I have a good sense of memory if we get lost and a good killer, too! A intresting fact about me is in Singleplayer I made a death trap around my house and my house is made with glass! Im a good guy to get prepared for long adventures. Hmm.. Maybe I will get the skin (depending on the skin).
  6. Nole and Creppa Ninga235 thank you for being our first and second members. You are both accepted to the guild and Creppa I will send you the skin so you can deside
  7. typo "decide"
  8. The skin for the guild is on the original post in filed format
  9. Nole972, CreppaNinga, and Chascarrillo, get ready were moving into the wild
  10. I cant see the skin well, but i think its a good skin
  11. When?
  12. We moved 3 hours ago. We didn't get too far but I will PM you coords tommorow
  13. Username eh180
    Why u should pick me because I can make mob grinders and lots of good traps that mobs can go into also I'm adept with red stone
    An interesting fact All my minecraft skins have been yogscast characters
    I'm the best at pixel art and red stone
    I like the skin but might change the head slightly so I can keep my head
  14. eh180 thank you for applying. You are accepted and are aloud to change the skins head. I will send you the skin some time shortly.
  15. Nevermind just download the skin from the thumbnail.
  16. Am on my iPad but will as soon as I can get to a computer
    Can u private message me the coordinates so I can get to u guys and what should I bring
  17. All thieves guild members. Plz travel back to town to restock then we will all leave as a team
  18. Are u back at town or what cause I'm still at the base