Thiefs and Greafing

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I guess I ran after the trouble doing my house in the wilderness and didn't know about the [Locked] option which works in the wild but here's my point.

    I didn't think there was a person who would steal everything from someone, all my chests were looted( hours of mining), that's more than 3 full double chests of items( diamonds, gold, silver etc...) Even my furnaces were not untouch ( I actually laughed at this one), the guy even took my enchanting table ( for fun I guess) scrapped my wheat field, broke few windows, stole my bed( ??lol), opened my little farm entrance so all the animals could escape, greafed my 2km railtracks( like a ton, took all the gold track for at least 700meters and all of the iron rail for around the same distance) griefed my rail track entrance, took my glow stones and much more. I still didnt go see my project behind my house or some other places since I was already annoyer.

    But hey, I guess there's no way to know who is/are those scumbags. But I'd like to say one thing screw you.

    Ps: I'm new to the forum I'd like to say hello to everyone and to excuse me for some of the word I used during this rant.
    Pss: Screw you again M.anonymous thief/griefer


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  2. Ok,
    Im really sorry this happened to you but:

    1st: You must read the empire guide before going into the actuall server, wich i think you didn't (

    2nd: This are parts of the guide that you should have readed

    3rd: Just a quote from there

    It is your fault and only yours for not reading the guide and also for not reading all signs at spawn, im pretty shure there is something about wilderness and how it is not protected
    "the only place secure for you to build is your residence and no-where else" or something like that.

    I think there is not much that can be done by moderators or admins, im sorry about that.

    Pd:/ Why do you say you are sorry for the word, you don't edit it from your post and after that you write it again?
  3. I have edited your post and replaced your swearing, i realise you are annoyed, but the same rules pretty much apply to the site as well. Please refrain from obsceneties in forum posts.

    I do feel for you though mate, it really sucks when your hard work is rewarded with the loss of pretty much everything.
    Unfortunately there is no way available to us to identify your griefer, otherwise i would do all possible to find them.
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  4. Oh well, I wanted to do something outside of the town, a floating island around -1940/8950 on SM1 which was going to be farr bigger than the restricted place of 60x60 allowed in town, but I guess it's impossible.

    Btw thank for the infos but a little too late in my case, even if a locked chest can't stop people from destroying your creations in the wild...
  5. This also brings up the slightly sketchy subject of defensive traps. I was following another thread and this question wasn't answered. If they are to only prevent greifers and are marked, is it permitted? If it is obvious that someone has a build going, can you protect it from people who could only be there to greif? I in no way support PvP, but all these posts about greifers are making me worry about my own builds.
  6. If you are responsible for somebodies death in ANY way (Unless it is a hilarious accident) you will be at fault and at risk of a ban of some caliber.
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  7. Would a hilarious accident involve pistons and cacti?
    Joking aside, I understand. We must not stoop to their level. Also, I think people use X-Ray and would only steal my pistons too...:(
  8. Hilarious Accident = Somebody falls in your mob trap while you are offline
    Hilarious Accident = Somebody gets stuck in your cactus farm and dies.
    Hilarious Accident = Somebody meets the Lava End of your Cobble Generator without being pushed in.

    Less Hilarious "Accident" = Piston trap that pushes players in to Lava
    Less Hilarious "Accident" = Any form of trap that is MEANT to kill players that come near.

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  9. But what if my cactus farm is accessed by a pressure pad on the floor that drops me conveniently into the center of it?:confused: Yeah, traps meant to kill shouldn't be put into place.
  10. *copherfield unlikes crazy's post, goes to a room and cries.*
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  11. Cool story bro, tell it again. :p

    But seriously, what does this mean?
  12. Lol, you are such a troll :p
    Well it means that i think that traps are awesome, and if they are well engenieered the person's should keep them :'(
  13. I am not sure if you are the one that just accused me of doing the stealing or not but if you are i stand by what i said in game and offer to help you get back what ever you lost. I did not take any thing from any one. Every thing i have i mined my self. Also i am sorry that some one did this to you and if i can help in any way i am glad to.
  14. Didn't accuse anyone since I have no clue who did it, but if you know a 2km railroad that lead to a tower with a triforce on top and a giant floating island behind it, that might be you ;)
  15. Nope dont think i have ever seen it and sorry. some one just accused me taking alot of there stuff and i didnt. Just wanted to let you know if it was you what i didnt do it.
  16. The smart thing to do is NOT to build at ANY cost in the wilderness. I built a little dirt hut, in the side of a mountain, added a door and covered it with dirt to conceal it. I put a small chest in there with misc. mob items (pork chops, leather, rotten flesh, etc.) and left. I came back the next day to see that someone was actually stupid enough to cover up the door with dirt after they left and looted the chest. After all, I did not care about that hut; it was just a test. Another thing is you can't really be THAT stupid to leave an unlocked chest in the middle of the wilderness with diamonds, gold, etc. I think you smarter than that.
  17. Anyone care if i kinda tried to rebuild the island/building?
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  18. It is posts like this that are bothering me.... at what point... lets ban the ppl.. great... how about preventing it... A rule that cant be enforced properly is not a rule...

    I love the fact that EMC is getting larger.... I however have some college and 'life experience'.. and unfourtunatly know the reasoning behind the expansion. I choose not to share becasue I resepect it...
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  19. I have to best trap ever :) if anyone wants to see it just ask and I could show you one on my Res 4373 :)

    I need 1 sticky piston :/
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  20. But what if you Put up a ton of signs saying !LAVA! and all that stuff and be like, THIS IS A TRAP and make it so they actually have to do it themselves to die, like put a sign saying, if you mine this wall, lava will fall out. And its true, maybe the wall was decorative on the other side with lava and some nob wanted to mess up your wall and died from it = hilarious noob accident?
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