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  1. Hey Empire!!

    I first joined EMC a couple years ago (during the Delta Force incident for the old timers). However, I've never been very active on forums or formally introduced myself. I took a 1 1/2 year break from minecraft in general after the death of my beloved/hated desktop. But I'm back!

    I primarily play on SMP7 (Town) and reside in the unofficial Avenger's Neighborhood (near Stark Tower). Drop by some time!

    Little about me:

    -I'm currently a college student (will be a junior next fall) and majoring in Mechanical Engineering.
    -I'm a ginger
    -I like to dig (literally in real life)
    -I enjoy swimming, riding dirt bikes, and other outdoor activities

    Long Live EMC! :D
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  2. Welcome to the Empire! :)

    Welcome back to the Empire! :)
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  3. Thanks Man!!! Skype message me some time.
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  4. Welcome back and to the forums. Great to see old members returning. :)
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  5. Welcome back to the empire :)
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  6. Welcome back! I'm sure a lot has changed in 1.5 years ;)
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  7. Aha, I knew I recognised your profile picture!
    Welcome back, and hopefully welcome to the forums!
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  8. Don't try to get away from us again. We will send in our tracking squids to bring you back.
  9. Welcome!
    Yay smp7 (my home smp also) As you probably noticed, Stark Tower is still around (Yay Cody) although cddm has been a little less active. Is one of the first Massive builds I saw on my early days!

    Cool for Mech Engineering. Any ideas of where you want to land when you graduate? Broad spectrum of jobs are to be had.

    Ever contemplated digging for gems? Googling around yields a few different areas around the USA, where you can go to a public 'park' and dig for diamonds (naturally occurring) and others (I think one in the carolinas) for saphire/amythest/etc... although its more like sorting thru buckets of pre-mined/blasted rock.

    Anyhow, see ya around!
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  10. Yeah, Cody's busy with college and playing competitive tag pro.

    My current field of interest is automotive industry. I'd particularly like to design differentials and fancy performance parts, but I have a long way to go.

    Diggin for gems has never crossed my mind to be honest.

    And not if I see you first!
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  11. Tag pro, I didn't know people here were playing that! :o
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  12. Welcome back! :D I know smp7 is pretty rad, but check out smp4! ;)