There Will Be ANOTHER TnT Party On SMP4 Sunday Night!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by R0bbieJo, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. That first one was such a Blast!

    We now have 2 more reses that will need done for the next phase and we had a Project Sr Crew meeting and decided it is only fair that everyone receive advance notice for this one!
    We are also doing it at a time that makes the Design Team from The Netherlands able to attend!

    So... Sunday Night.... aka... Monday morning at 1:00 EST We will do this AGAIN!!!

    Donate or bring all the Tnt Sand and Gunpowder you can to 8100... we will make sure it is all turned into Tnt by this date...
    We will also see about getting Huge Towers and Platforms up this time so that you all can have fun watching from any height...

    Do your timezone calculations... set your phones with reminders... Just DO NOT MISS THIS!!!

    It will be amazing! :)
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  2. So how many times have you broke SMP4? :p
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  3. Ummm.... I think this is a good time to plead the 5th LOL
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  4. Probably although BigDavie didnt really help in regard's to saving the server :rolleyes: classic, nah I'm JK'ing BigD!
  5. We are collecting lots of TnT....
    If anyone has more... or gunpowder and sand.... Drop it off at 8100 and we will be making lots more this weekend! :)
  6. I shall supply the explosives.
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  7. Yeah.... we want it to be HUGE!!!
    Bring your Video equipment.... We wants LOTS of good videos!!!
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  8. Wanted to bump this so that no one misses out! Read the post... its worth it :)
  9. Nice of you to do it at a GMT friendly time :D For all people wondering it's 8:00PM GMT! :)
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  10. Well, I've never heard anyone describe Bigdavie like that before.
  11. This is being done at this time JUST for you all that are Sr Staff and on the other time zone! ;)
  12. le bumbseedoddles :3
  13. Lots of sand mined today! Now to make more Boom Powder! ;)
  14. :( 1am EST Monday? Looks like I'mma miss this one too. /sadness.
  15. There will be one more Kephras and it will be evening in the US so that you can catch one. This one is scheduled so that all the Sr Crew on the other side of the planet can attend.... :)
    We will make sure you are there when we demolish 8100 and the dirt! ;)
  16. Sad ill miss the awesome chaos but at least my sand hopefully gets to take part :D.
  17. I have had SEVERAL of my crew tell me they can't be there now. I am going to wait and see what happens but we may reschedule to a night more of you can be there.
    Let me see how this goes in the next few hours.

    Let me know here if you are SURE you are coming tonight! :)
  18. I'd quite enjoy watching this, so how long from now are you planning on having it?
  19. I have had several requests for July 4th....
    Maybe we could do a fireworks show along with the TnT explosions....

    I am going to start a poll if I have no one really going to be there that late at night for me. I was doing it for the crew and they are not gonna be able to be there... so I would not mind rescheduling at all....
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  20. Fireworks AND TNT?
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