there shuld be a app for empire minecraft

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  1. I made one but it wasnt for full use such as internet exploring. EMC needs a mobile site all it takes is simple code
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  2. what is it called
  3. Why a App? EMC Forums just werk great on my phone! (Typing this on phone :p)
  4. what tom said, the forums have been designed to be lightweight in the first place. all an app would do is make it even more simple. the live map will work if your smartphone has Adobe Flash Player. There is no leightweight version of livemaps its just how it is. there was an app that some guy "made" for EMC, however it wasn't his own code and all it was a mobile view of the site.

    if someone wants to program an app go right ahead. its a lot of work and little profit.
  5. Live map just works too! Only a little bit glitchy...
  6. Well if you just want faster access to EMC, just add it to the home screen (on iOS devices).
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  7. The Live Map works too on the iPad I am typing on right now. And that one is without Flash.
  8. Render is a bit slow, but it works well enough.
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  9. im a ios dev so i could look into maybe doing something.
  10. Theres an app for android. Search emc or empire minecraft on google play
  11. One more professional one is under dev but Aikar and justin have been unable to create API's for the app from EMC's side since they have been wanting to foucs on the emc server platform...
    Sorry for bad spelling,im on my ipad :)

    Oh and nfell,I have removed the app from google play since I got several emails concerning that Google wasent very happy about the app since it contatained something bad,idk,I just unpublished the app after that I got confirmation that it really was google and not some sneaky person :)
  12. Its k, i dont really care it wasnt the best, thanks anyways :p
  13. I can get that iOS coding thing for free from the mac AppStore.
    Starts fiddling with variables...
  14. :D
  15. This has been tried so many times with little profit, I think I was the only one who had a legit version of an app all coded by me but I was unable to get a lot of the bugs out.