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  1. Ello lol this may be an odd request lol dont judge me ;p . My mind an soul are not stimulated enough for the perfect mind an soul stimulation i need a female partner to complete my EMC gaming experience. Sounds wierd huh ? lol dont worry i wish for nothing more then ingame action i do not want to date online this is for fun / flirt socially . Nothing real is to come of this xD but i have an open mind as well an if it worked out then i would not reject it .

    Why you ask ? whats the point ? Well it would be helpful to have some one extra around to help build or create together be social have fun with it ya know .

    What do you get out of it ? here are the perks
    One Full res that you will have admin on an be able to build Our dream home.
    few perms and even container on my other res's after you become wellknow an trusted among my self an friends .
    Some one to help you out with your builds , projects whatever you need .
    Great advice an some one to relate to.

    Rules for applying:
    [must be 18 or older ] this is so i can talk freely with you an dont need to worry about your parents lol im ganna be 21 nov 2.
    i live on smp4 so you will need to live on smp4 but if you dont live on smp4 thats ok remember you will share one of my res's with me so you dont have to move your res but you can if you would like thats up to you.
    IM not a sugar daddy so we work together as equals .
    MUST BE FEMALE not just ingame but in real life lol . i support gay rights but by no means am i gay i am only straight an for life ill be straight.

    Ok i will tell you want i like
    just not annoying lol
    be yourself
    honesty an communication
    Strong will
    Dominate works to [not in a wierd way lol ]

    Ps : an note again this is for ingame an its not even really rp its a social experiment.
    But if your are awesome an you think im awesome nothing wrong with being open minded an leting things be an happen as they do.

    Pss: an Please !!! No poor me attitude last thing i need is some one who brings me down all the time. so you have to have good self.
    [Edit]: Florida is where i live so i plave from 2pm to about 5pm then again from 9pm to about 4am . Lets Create somethings beautiful an full of imagination .
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  3. Dangit 607...why must you steal my thunder?
  4. I saw you liking the main post, and thought "I need to be quick" ;D
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  5. My goal here is to combine Male an female creative energy an build something awesome on that res lol
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  6. Good luck bro... good... luck!
    And I don't think its a weird post, actually I think its kind a cool.
  7. My alt is a "girl" ;)
  8. You know, I've seen weirder threads. Good luck, I suppose, though your criteria may limit your dating pool quite severely.
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  9. what should i add to my Criteria ? to open a larger pool of Da ladies haha . Besides fixing errors in the op.
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  11. Opps
    Opps im sorry i did not realize Ty for info xD
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