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    Hello! I am SilvrBuildBlocks, and on my residency, I have built a theater with a stage and seats. The stage has a working curtain that can shut and open with the flip of a switch (much thanks to @SleekLeek1245 for that!) and features glowstone lights. I am currently looking for actors to play in the first show, Between Her Lies.

    Between Her Lies is about a half-enderman named Redmond. I don't want to post much here (wouldn't that spoil it? ;) ) but I will post a link to several important things to note:

    If you are interested in performing, at least seven actors are needed. I am also hoping to get a few stage crew members to help SleekLeek out when building and changing sets. There is a script, but I don't want to post that here unless someone is seriously interested in acting, as I don't want to give the plotline of the show away.

    Here are some of the available characters:

    Redmond: A half-enderman boy who is quiet and thoughtful. He loves his family and is VERY curious and excitable. His skin will be this:
    Carrie: Redmond's mother. A deceitful, but seemingly kind woman who keeps to herself and stays in the mines often... Her skin is this:
    Shades: An enderman with a short temper. His skin will be:
    Tempest: An even shorter-tempered creeper with an explosive personality. His skin will be:
    Gadget: An incredibly smart skeleton with perceptive understanding of most others. His skin will be:
    Steve: A rather unassuming man who thinks he is Redmond's father, and stays with Carrie. His skin is the classic Steve skin.
    Doctor: A minor character used in the second scene of the play. His skin will be this:
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  2. This sounds like a lot of fun. The timing will have to be worked out if you want me to perform though, as i work a lot. I would love to do a play and help out :)
  3. That sounds awesome! I'd love to chat with you to work some details out :)
  4. Interesting idea. I have no idea how you plan to pull this off but... My time is limited but this idea is so... different, I'm willing to help out a little if I can. I am a sucker for roleplay, so this obviously caught my attention. And because I'm your SMP2 neighbor.. who knows ;)
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  5. Hehe, that sounds cool ShelLuser. Thanks. And I have an idea ;)
  6. BUMP!
    I edited the OP! Please check it <3
  7. I would be interested
  8. In acting or stage crew?
  9. Acting
  10. I can do stage crew! When will the play be?
  11. I could help with the stage crew :)
  12. That's awesome! Interested in any specific character?

    The play's date is undecided, but when decided, I'll let you both know! In the mean time, want to drop by my res to get an idea of how it will go?
  13. sure! I can do it right now, if you'd like!
  14. Im interested in being an actor
  15. Sorry, I had to go there, but I'm on now if you want to do it now. :)

    Cool! Who are you interested in? :)

    I'd like to redirect everyone to this thread: This thread was more or less preliminary to see if anyone would be interested. The thread I've linked to above is for the actual event itself. :D
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  16. I'll do crew. I can help with any of the redstone stuff you need done, also. I would need ore specifics about the date and time before I can tell whether I can make the actual performance.

    EDIT: What server is your stage on? I will have difficulty coming back from the frontier if it is on smp7.
  17. This is a very interesting idea, nice! Keep up the good work :)
  18. Since SleekLeek1245 got banned, I am looking for another redstone and stage crew member. This is located in town on smp2. I don't have a date yet, though, as I need to discuss with everyone that's interested to get an idea of what would be the best time.

    Thanks, man :)
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