[Event] Dosduo Theater's Opening Show!

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  1. On SMP2, I have built a working theater with opening and shutting curtains (much thanks to SleekLeek1245 for the help with the redstone!). The theater is on the lookout for actors for its first show, Between Her Lies.

    This will happen on SMP2, at /v SilvrBuildBlocks. Cast and crew will receive rupees in return for their work, and those that wish to attend to watch the show will need to pay a small fee of 25r. While this is a big event (from what I've seen), it's mostly just for fun, not for the rupees. However, cast and crew will be paid.

    Between Her Lies is about a half-enderman named Redmond who slowly unravels his own secrets. The script has been written, if tentatively (I'm still editing it), but the skins for the characters have been chosen. While the show's date is not determined, I am only holding off on proposing a date until all actors and crew have been signed up.

    Donations are welcome! Purchasing items for the sets and paying the cast and crew have/will take a fair amount of rupees, and so rupee donations are welcomed.

    So far, here are those that have been interested:
    Gawadrolt - Stage Crew
    Zikko - Actor
    Chief_McCloud - Stage Crew
    SEPTHEKID - Stage Crew
    f_Builder_f - Actor
    ww2fan168 - Stage Crew
    Scarmanzer - Actor
    ACTORS - 4/7, STAGE CREW - 4/5

    Here is a short overview of the characters, with links to their skins. Also, there is a link to the scene setups and what they will look like. All tools necessary to pick the blocks up as they are are provided by me and stage crew will be responsible for changing scenes when the curtains are closed as quickly as possible.

    Redmond: A half-enderman boy who is quiet and thoughtful. He loves his family and is VERY curious and excitable. His skin will be this:http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/6176825/boy/
    Carrie: Redmond's mother. A deceitful, but seemingly kind woman who keeps to herself and stays in the mines often... Her skin is this:http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/5868602/lazy-mother/
    Shades: An enderman with a short temper. His skin will be:http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/6058011/enderman-g/
    Tempest: An even shorter-tempered creeper with an explosive personality. His skin will be:http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/6195855/creeper/
    Gadget: An incredibly smart skeleton with perceptive understanding of most others. His skin will be: http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/6080441/skeleton/
    Steve: A rather unassuming man who thinks he is Redmond's father, and stays with Carrie. His skin is the classic Steve skin.

    Doctor: A minor character used in the second scene of the play. His skin will be this:http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/6105871/medic/

    We are on the lookout for three more actors and another stage crew member! If interested, please comment below, and PM me to work out finer details! The date is October third, at 3PM EMC time (EST)! If you are interested, please notify me. Even though stage crew is full, having back up would still be wonderful. Also, if you are interested in attending the show, please notify me as well. I am working on expanding the theater so I need to know how many to really expect. As for stage crew members, please come to my residency sometime in the future to get how the stage will be set up during different parts of the play. Thank you.
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  2. well I have never heard of a emc theater profomance, I like it.
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  3. Id like to join the stage crew :p
  4. Wow, thanks man! :D

    Sounds good!
  5. When is this happening because this will dictate if I can help.

    Edit: I can make the curtains bigger like one block higher and the stage 2 more blocks.

    2nd edit: I have a whole idea of creating a stage, If you want that I could make it

    3rd edit: kinda buzzing about this but I will do these changes after your first show due to the fact I am not available much right now
  6. Eh... SleekLeek and I kinda took a while to make the stage as it is, lol, and the stage is a bit short but I like it how it is and I think it will do well for our purposes now. Though, if this theater is left as it is, I would be interested in possibly creating another theater...

    OP has been updated <3
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  7. What characters are available? Also we will need more seating
  8. No one has explicitly claimed any of the characters, so all are up for grabs at the moment.

    I will be working on expanding the house and seating.
  9. I guess i will be redmond
  10. Awesome! :)
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  11. BUMP!
    OP has been updated. A date has been decided, as well as a time.
  12. I would love to be an actor, if that position is still up for grabs :D
  13. It most certainly is~ Anyone in particular you are interested in? Redmond has been taken, but the rest are still unclaimed.
  14. I would love to be Carrie. :3
  15. Sounds good to me. :) I'll add you in.
  16. Bump.

    Several more actors are still needed. If anyone is interested, please let me know :) Also let me know if you're interested in attending! Donations are always welcome. The theater is rather resource extensive, believe it or not...
  17. Could I be an actor? I might not be able to make it though.
  18. Mabe Steve?
  19. That sounds good. Though, I will need to know if you can do it for certain.
  20. I can.