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  1. The Island Theater
    Hello! You may have seen sometime a few months ago, a thread about a theater on smp2 where we were going to perform a single show in October-November. That never happened, obviously, due to scheduling conflicts, but this time… It’s bigger, badder, and functional! (..Yeah, I later found the old theater had aaaall kinds of issues).

    The new theater is located at about 10,000X, and 700Z in the frontier. The fastest method of transportation will be going to the eastern outpost by /frontier east. Before showtimes, I will arrive at the outpost and help make sure everyone has a safe trip to the theater.

    Times are always posted in the Theater Spreadsheet: Theater Spreadsheet
    You can also find show times posted at the theater itself, though it is heavily advised you check the spreadsheet rather than come out to the theater.

    The list of shows can be found on this spreadsheet, as well as their info: Show Info
    The different shows all have different processes in which to make them work. Different shows may have differing prices, sometimes above the general 500r, due to the sheer amount of people working on them or how expensive the shows were. I.e., a show involving the nether would be more expensive than a show in the overworld’s plains biome due to glowstone, netherrack, etc. As you could have surmised, all shows are 500 rupees unless stated otherwise. If you plan to attend any shows, please tell me in advance, and if the show has to be cancelled or recalled for whatever reason, I can refund you.

    Cast and Crew
    If you want to apply to be cast or crew, please read on!
    Cast: A member in the show playing as a character. Typically, shows will need less of these and more crew, but cast are nonetheless VERY important! They are what the players watching see. It is recommended that if you want to be a member of cast that you do not mind having your skin temporarily changed, or, if there’s ever a voice-translation of a show, that you don’t mind memorizing the voiced version. However, for now, all versions are text-based and documents containing the dialogues will be sent to cast members and they can simply copy and paste them from there.
    Crew: A vital part of the theatrical process. These individuals are in charge of any temporary or permanent redstone in the theater, they change the scenes while the curtains are down, AND take care of any backstage special effects. This can include corralling, leading, and otherwise using mobs, including hostile ones! If you think you can handle this vital part of the showmaking process, please use the following forms.

    Both of these categories have permanent or temporary forms! If you only want to be involved once or twice, or with only one show, please choose “temporary.” If you want to be involved for a long period of time or with many shows, please choose “permanent.”


    If you are a part of cast or crew, you will be paid 450r per show, or more (or less) depending on the exact show and how many people attended. Please keep in mind that I did not start this with the intention of making it a marketplace. If you are looking for a paying job, this may not be for you as this is more for fun than anything. But, if this theater does well, it may be able to turn into something of an occupation.

    Rules and Policies
    The island this theater is located on, and surrounding settlements, ARE NOT TO BE TOUCHED OTHERWISE.
    These surrounding areas are completely off-limits because-
    A) I only own one, and by technicality, I don’t even truly own it. I simply have settled there with a friend to make the farms.
    B) the other settlements I do NOT own and I am not sure of their state in terms of ownership and frontier claiming.
    C) it’s just bad to mess with other people’s stuff!
    Here are the other rules:

    1. You may use the farms. There is a large cow, rabbit, sheep, tree, carrot, and wheat farm connected to the theater. However, replant crops, tell someone or hoe the ground back if you stomp it. Do not shear all the mooshrooms! Plant saplings back, and be sure to leave enough animals to breed more. Only take what you need.

    2. If you have a horse, dog, cat, whatever with you (though I do not recommend bringing them whatsoever), please bring a lead. That way you can pull them through the water to get to the island, and you can tie them to the outer fence posts. Note that we will not claim responsibility for any damage caused to the animal - the backstage area of the theater can be very dangerous and pets should not be tied to leads near there. Also, horses should NOT be tied where they can wander into the water! It is very easy for animals to get stuck under the island and drown.

    3. If you plan on visiting the theater, PLEASE bring a boat or boots with at least Depth Strider… Trust me, you don’t want to just flat swim there.
    What do you think? I’d love to know what everyone thinks about this goal! Please do apply using the linked google forms if you’re interested in becoming a member of cast or crew. It would help me so much. I know this is wordy, but it is an ambitious project and it is important everything is understood.
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    The theater is still in the process of being built, and the first show really isn't planned to be done anytime soon. So there's plenty of time for people who think they may be interested to join up! Even if you're not sure if you'll be available, if you're interested, you should apply. ^^
  3. Do I get an auto pass as I was gonna be the most amazing main character before? :p
  4. Haa. Sure :p But I'd still like you to do the form if you could. It just makes it easier for me to get to involved players' info without going through the thread for it.
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  5. Thanks man :D
    I know they're wordy. You don't have to read absolutely everything, it's just there for confidentiality's sake really XD I'm super excited for this.
  6. Sounds great! However, I think 50r is crazy cheap. I think the price should be at least 1k.
    Anyway, I'd like both acting and crew, but I think there will be less people wanting to do crew, as you often aren't seen directly, and that while the crew is so important! So I'll probably go for that.
    However, I think I might get in trouble because of time zone differences. When are you planning to do these? I am available in the weekends from 3 AM to 2 PM EMC time.
  7. Yeah, it is crazy cheap isn't it? I think I accidentally used old documents for the OP. I'll go back through to comb for other mistakes. Thanks for catching that! Luckily the applications never changed so I know they're correct, haha.

    While these shows aren't even planned to be shown until my spring break or summer break, I'm currently available most days from 2 PM - 9 PM EMC time weekdays, and pretty much any time between 10 AM - 3 AM EMC time weekends.
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  8. Me and 607 acting :p *high fives 607* That would be interesting
  9. Thanks guys!
    My brain works in spreadsheets. I dunno why.... I may have problems :oops:
  10. Cool idea man, it'll be really interesting to see all of this go down.

    And hey, if you don't mind I could come on over to the island and build a dock and or stable on or near it?
    You've seen my experience with on-water builds.
  11. Ha, you're welcome to. :)
  12. I applied, but I forgot to add I kind of hate Skype, so please, if you have Gmail, use that or simply pm me on here :p
  13. Sure thing.
    I dislike skype too, haha
    EDIT: I did put a link to the planned shows for the theater. That's cool though, haha, because I've actually had an idea to make a show based on Homer's Odyssey.

    Right now there are some shows planned, and they're in one of the links in the OP. There's little summaries for them but really I've only actually developed Brevi and Between Her Lies like, at all. The rest are kind of floating in my head. XD
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  14. Bump!

    I would like to point out if you do choose to get involved, you probably won't be asked to do anything for quiiiite a while. Especially if you choose actor. I'm still screenwriting for Brevi, and the theater isn't entirely finished yet - curtains and lights need to be installed, as well as some decoration. ;) And quite honestly, the forms are only there for my ease of access. If you'd rather not do them, just post here and let me know. ^^
  15. I sent a a[;ication
  16. I went to the cords and there is nothing there so I am improvising. At 9486, 298 there is a straight pathway towards your cords. I have been clearing as well as fixing holes there as well it's not a island please update op.
  17. That's... extremely odd.
    OH! I am so sorry! It's on smp8! I'm sorry if the OP implied it was still in smp2... But those coords are very close to the ones for the theater's island. Perhaps they are off a little bit... I will definitely double check. I am very sorry for any inconvenience.

    Thanks! ^^
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  18. Foxy was looking at smp2 fyi