The_Y0sh's attemt at art!

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  1. Can you do me a villager
  2. Haha thought I'd give it a try. here is my masterpiece:

    I am laughing so hard right now. I spent about 1 min. on this. Garbage lol!
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  4. My adorable version: (note the smile)
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  5. I did however paint this: (something I actually took time on)
  6. is this stnywitness's art page or mine lol, that painting it gorgeous btw!
    I'll start on that right after I draw Laae
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  7. Lol sorry wasnt trying to demote u or anything ;) Started a page of my own lol
    Btw you are great artist Y0sh!
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  8. It be all good dood
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  9. Sorry about how disproportionate it is:
  10. Aww those are cute, thanks Stnywitness! =)

    And thankyou as well Yosh! I love it!
  11. Do you want it to be minecrafty or realistic?
  12. I meant like blocky by minecraft
  13. Idk realistic then lol

  14. Here's a couple owls I drew with oil pastel cus i love OWLS!!!!!
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  15. :D Cool!
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  16. I like the owls, and I'm not sure if I've ever seen art made with that material. :)
  17. Sweet! Would you rather oil pastels or regular pastels?
    I love doing it. I have oil pastels but I mostly do art like that in school (I'm doing one rn, maybe I'll show it when it's finished!)
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  18. Turns out I no longer feel motivated to do art... THIS WASN'T A COMMISION THING I'M SORRY PLZ DONT HATE MEEEEEE