The_Y0sh's attemt at art!

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  1. First off, I'm not bad at art, also I drew this with a mouse because didn't feel like downloading drawing software. Here's an attempt at me drawing my skin :p

  2. Looks great :)
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  3. Try 2 went ok but the eyes are horrendous:
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  4. Looking good so far! :D
  5. Anyone want me to draw anything?
  6. Could you draw me a frog, please? :)
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  7. One frog coming right up!
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  8. Looks great! I like the subtle shading on the scarf and jeans.
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  9. Look awesome! I change Mooples order to A Toade on a Waffle
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  10. Frog or toade make up ur mind lol
  11. Holy molly that’s so good! I love it :)
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  12. Looks great Y0sh! :D
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  13. Any other requests?
  14. Well done! Lol love the waffle
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  15. Hahaha! That's wonderful :) Good job!
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  16. I'm taking requests?
  17. OK :) the cape too?
  18. Yes please =)