The Wither Squad

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  1. SKVLLFAC3 organised a team today to go out and kill a wither. The squad today was made up of 5 people, and we managed to kill the wither but two of us died :p If you like the idea, I think SKVLL MIGHT be looking for more wither heads to do this more often. I may not be correct, but if he is you may be able to do what we did and join the squad ^_^ Here is a picture of today's, "Wither Squad":

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  2. Ugh, where was I when you were doing this? :/
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  3. No idea xD We only did it a short while ago, on smp9 ~FDNY21
  4. Update as of today, we formed yet another wither squad to kill yet another wither :) ~FDNY21
  5. May I join :D
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  6. If you want to come kill one with us, just ask SKVLLFAC3 on smp9 and he can try to get you with the next squad to kill the next wither :D (whenever that is) ~FDNY21
  7. Alright Ill go check ASAP.
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  8. Aw man, wasnt there :/ Well, i was part of 2 of them fights
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  9. Yes, i host wither fights almost every day; once I even did 5.
    I would love donations, as the profit for this is almost nothing, and it is very expensive to host them.
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  10. Anyone is welcome to my daily wither battles!
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  11. Today was fun, and skvllfac3 I need to give you back the armour as you left before I could return kt =)
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  12. Second Wither Squad of the day! SKVLLFAC3 hosted I and MrUnknownian! We killed the wither yet again with just 3 of us compared to the usual 5-6. Here are some pictures of todays second kill! ~FDNY21
    2013-09-15_19.04.53.png 2013-09-15_19.06.34.png
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  13. And as for other boss fights, if anyone finds marlix or momentus, PLEASE tell me because i want to kill it.
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  14. My chat msg in the picture lol
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  15. Seems like your really helping the community SKVLL! I might donate when I get the chance
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  16. Count me in if you find it, I may need a new set of armour tho...:p ~FDNY21
  17. just FYI, there wont be many wither fights on the weekdays, one, because i deplete my god armor to like 50 durability during the weekends, and im also low on funds.
  18. thanks! and yes that would help a lot
  19. I may have thought this thread was called wither squid... just let me know when you're doing another battle and I'll help =)
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  20. if you need wither heads, I have two to sell to you.