The Wall of Death has been fixed! 3/10/15

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by Aikar, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Been a while! as I mentioned here, IRL currently has me extremely preoccupied with a major project at work.

    But I decided tonight I was going to get some work in on EMC and fix some outstanding and long standing issues...

    That wall of death in the wastelands has now been fixed! I have finally updated the code to how it handles sending you back to a safe spot, and it should now work much more reliable.

    This also includes the Town border, which has been expanded a little to allow for the new residences, but it also will no longer let you enderpearl out past the border.

    Finally, chat alerts should be fixed to their intended functionality :)

    Sorry for the little activity lately, but things are starting to look positive at work so should hopefully be back to full swing EMC work again soon.
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  2. Great Work!
  3. Does the ender pearl change affect the wastelands or just town?
  4. yes WL too. So you shouldn't be able to go past intended world borders anymore.
  5. Sounds great but hopefully we can still ignore the chat alerts. Also dislike coming back from the wilderness and having to enter the town chatroom. Should automatically do that. If you want different select something different afterwards :p.

    Got an ETA on upgrading to 1.8?
  6. Oh...I stashed a chest just out of reach of the border in my mining spot. :(

    Could I ask an admin to retrieve the contents for me?
  7. Bug? When I do "waste SW" from in town, it teleports me to my residence.
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  8. Thanks I see the issue, pending update in a moment
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  9. So, um, about that chest. It's one block too far to reach now so I could really use a favor :)
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  10. fix deployed, jesus please pm SS about recovering items.
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  11. Will do. And thanks for fixing the wall of death.
  12. does this mean 1.8 and name changes will be done soon?
  13. Thanks for the update :)
  14. Curiosity (and functionality) sake: How far did you expand the town border for utopia?
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  15. Aww... no more enderpearling out of town.. :(
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  16. A while ago, I crossed the town border on foot. Bug? Client-side visual glitch? Weird lag? I don't know why I could go past the border, but I did.
  17. It was a bug at that time.
  18. Sounds awesome. :) I've been missing a lot of my name in chat because of that little bug, lol.
  19. Woo! No more hashhog3000s going unseen in chat! :D Thanks, Aikar. Hope work gets easier soon! We miss you here on EMC.