The Voucher Addiction

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Are you addicted to Vault/Stable Vouchers?

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Yes. 12 vote(s) 54.5%
No. 7 vote(s) 31.8%
Maybe... 3 vote(s) 13.6%
  1. I have a simple question here for EMC players:

    Why are you addicted to expanding your vault/stable?
  2. I'm not "addicted" to using vault vouchers. I tend to use my vault for basic storage instead of clumping chests on my residence.
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  3. I'm not.
  4. I am. I have 60 vault pages and 18 vault vouchers sitting in my 21st vault page. I do not know why.
  5. I'm simply collecting all of the vault vouchers that I can for prices under 11k for sale at a later time. I was at 27 vaults, and the number irritated me, so I upgraded to 50, and it's still not enough.
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  6. I've found that 2 fits my needs.
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  7. One of my goals is to get 100 vault pages so I do appear to be "addicted" to them :p
  8. I have 2, only because I accidentally activated one. (Only a $15K mistake, lol)

    I never really use it though, one is enough for me
  9. I have five so I can use them for free. ;)
  10. Just like FWRonald, I have five, for at first the only reason being that is would be free :p Now that I have them, I noticed that even for moving stuff across the same server, it sometimes is really useful to have some! :)
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  11. I expanded mine due to a sudden outbreak of drop parties that seemed to all happen within hours of each other one week :p
  12. i blame my friends ^.^

    1st it was "get 5 pages then u dont have 2 pay". Then i discovered promos and wanted 2 keep them safe. then i decided i should put my valuables in there too. then started playing on more servers and its easier to have all my stuff with me. so then i made pages 4 stone, clay, wood, glass, mob drops, auctions, mining, wool, food&flowers&dyes.

    think i got 17 pages now :cool:
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  13. 6 vault pages will fit my needs because then I can access it for free.
  14. I have 11, simply because I buy one whenever a miniboss drops a voucher and I don't have enough inv room.
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  15. I have 38 vault vouchers saved up that I will probably never use :D
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  16. Pepe is a hoarder, that's why.
  17. I use mine for building, makes so much easier,
  18. How much will it cost me to get 3 of those?
  19. I currently have 123 vaults and im going for 1000
    (All on this account, not including the 5 vaults I have on each other account)
  20. 42 right now. I only "need" 5 or so, but I don't have a house or much personal storage, so the extra vaults let me be lazy.

    I haven't bought any from players yet, I just /expand if I need space for a pickup or use all the vault vouchers from mini bosses.