The Useless Web

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  1. Disclaimer: If you find "" and are prone to epilepsy then I highly encourage you avoid it. There are tons of flashing lights

    I also recommend you turn your sound down

    I think everything on here is appropriate but i'm not 100% sure.
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  2. is really cool, it's an auditory illusion
  3. Me and my friends have been looking through these for about an hour.... We've seen some stuff.
  4. Watch some Vsause, has some interesting and cool facts :)
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  5. How about this one that isn't on that website (I don't think), but I have found it extremely useful for multiple scenarios!
  6. lol xD
    I remember this :p
  7. found this
  8. Omg thank you!
    I've been looking for this website for ages xD
  9. hehehe...