The Useless Web!

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  1. Well, some friends and I were sharing some random websites over Skype and we came across this one..

    WARNING: This website shows a variety of websites, some contain inappropriate content and flashing images. Please only follow the link if you think you're mature enough..
    This really shows the weird side of the internet. :p
  2. You should probably add the warning that this website can take you to very time consuming, useless, but fun websites. :p
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  4. My head hurts... I'm going to bed that gave me such a bad head-ache >_<
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  8. i am ashamed to say... i clicked this button enough... no new sites pop up >.>
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  10. Actually I am dissapointed that you can't slap the guy in both ways
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  12. ......suddenly, seizures. Seizures everywhere
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