The unofficial "wish the Empire a happy new year"

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  1. First and foremost: I searched hard and couldn't find a thread like these so eventually decided to make my own. My first idea was to use 'Misc' but then I figured that this involves all of us so decided to go 'rogue' and use this forum. Apologies if I overlooked something; I had a few drinks, but I just couldn't resist the temptation to write something up anyway. (and I am sure a mod who thinks this is out of place will help me move this into the right place, no offense either way).

    Yes, I had something to drink (read: less resistance of "should or should I not post this) but I still want to share this....

    I'd like to seize the moment and wish each and every one of you readers and fellow Empire members and / or also the anonymous visitors a very good and happy new year. May all of our builds be finished the upcoming year but most and foremost... I wish we can all be enjoying the Empire as much as we do now.

    Which brings me to the following...

    I'm not going to elaborate on this (don't bother asking) but I (think to) see what is going here. I'd like to explicitly thank the staff and the contribution team (for me they're pretty much alike to be honest) for all their efforts to bring us the enjoyment and gameplay which we can all enjoy.

    Just because you sometimes don't see 'm doesn't mean they're not there.

    SO yeah.. Happy new year to all of you, and may we have a LOT of fun playing on the Empire.

    PS: apologies for typos and such, I'm honestly not too clear right now :)
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