The true identity of samsimx

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  1. samsimx.png

    I have found his true identity. Here is your new profile picture sam, I knew it all along.
  2. I added something to the crown, and due to that.... illuminati confirmed.
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  3. You put the illuminati on the crown?
  4. It was there all along, I enlarged it to reveal his identity.
  5. ZOMG EVRIWAN!221!!""1! If wuu lok closli, yo wil sii thet thas es faiike!!1!2111!!

    EDIT: Free cookies to everyone that understands it :p
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  6. Where's my cookie =P
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  7. Google translate didnt work.
  8. It's tracking all of your data and transactions on the internet as we speak :]
  9. *Gets ninja'd by Stew*
    I'd be surprised if it did...
  10. *gasp*
    you devil.
    no cookie??
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  11. Many cookies! They contain your personal data and transactions on websites online. You can have as many as you like <3
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  12. Wait a minute... I have brown eyes...
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  13. You have your mothers eyes..
  14. Google works for the Illuminati therefore they hid their secret language. FDNY is the resident Empirian who learned the language of the Illuminati and is proud to translate for us.
  15. fdny illuminati confirmed?
  16. <.<
    "free cookies"
    ^ means you gave me a cookie to track my personal data and transactions.
    you hacker!
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  17. I can confirm that this is true
    100% confirmed
    Oops :]
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  18. Look again, I am almost certain they are not brown in your self portrait.