The Travelling return shortly at 3004...

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  1. The TARDIS shop at 3553 is going on a vacation to tour other galaxies for a little bit and when she returns, it will be at 3004 =D

    That's right, the shop on smp2 that you have all come to know and love is going to be right next to Spawn of SMP2 at lot 3004. The same staff will be at the controls so no worries about any dramatic price changes. The insides will be developed a little differently in anticipation of the frames that will be showing up in 1.4 update, but that should be the only big change.

    Please bear with us as the moving crew works hard to get the shop up and running again ASAP.


    9/20/12 12:00 am CST - 3 hours of deconstruction, 1+ double chest of wool acquired.
    9/20/12 10:00 pm CST - 6.5 hours of deconstruction, 5+ double chests of wool acquired.
    9/21/12 9:30 pm CST - 9.5 hours of deconstruction, lost count of chests, less than one side left..
    9/21/12 9:30 am CST - 11 hours of deconstruction, 8 chests of wool, outside of TARDIS gone, construction will start at 3004
    9/21/12 6:30 pm CST - about 9 hours of construction & 12 hours of deconstruction, TARDIS front and most of sides constructed :) Watching Doctor Who for an hour...
    9/23/12 11:00 pm CST - 11 hours construction & 12 hours deconstruction, TARDIS body is complete ;) Beginning design work for insides...
    10/6/12 7:00 pm CST - lost track of time invested...inside room construction completed. Now for specialty decor and chest layout =D
    10/10/12 10:00 am CST - time has long stopped being recorded cuz i got caught up in the moment...Most of room complete with chests and everything. Two rooms left to decorate and then signs...

    Due to problems with some people the TARDIS will be closed until the Grand Opening. Please PM me if you would like to supply bulk of an item before the opening.

    October 20th @ 8 pm CST!!!
    Drop party and door prizes included. Maybe even Doctor Who Trivia so study up Whovians! Exact Prizes TBD. :)

  2. Good luck with the build :)
  3. Please I beg of you make the building a giant tardis
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  4. have you never seen the original TARDIS at 3553?...go to 3554 or another nearby residence to see...
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  5. You will have to work really hard to rebuild it
  6. eh.. all the Tardis needs is time and it rebuilds itself. Every who fan knows that.
  7. I still don't understand why do you call "Tardis" a Police box.
    EDIT: "who" fan???
  8. Dr. Who. Google it
  9. The Tardis is not called a Police Box, The tardis is an inter-dimensional time space traveling ship cleverly disguised as Police Box.
  10. :eek:
    Is it a TV serie?
  11. Yes Dr.Who is a TV series (and movies). Produced by the good old BBC and now by BBC:Cymru
    The T.A.R.D.I.S.(Time And Relative Dimension In Space) is also a she, you'll hurt her feelings calling her IT.
  12. Oh
  13. I wish she would rebuild herself...but no, sadly the TARDIS can only fly through space and across time and dimensions ;) She lacks the auto-construction feature...
  14. Deconstruction started at 9:00 pm CST...
  15. I need to get Netflix so I can watch this.
  16. I just started reading a Doctor Who book today... Krysyy's sig kept saying, "Find out about this show, Space! It's COOL!" In other words, you sig brought a new person to the Doctor Who clan. :)

    On topic: How big will the new TARDIS be?
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  17. Nothing like in your face word of mouth to get your attention! Her sig has peaked my interests. Actually, I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff, as similar word of mouth made me a brony. I guess Doctor Who will be added to my already massive collection of geek related interests.
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  18. There was a TARDIS already built by me at 3553, hence the "reappearing" statement.
    That one is currently being torn down for the materials, but search TARDIS in the forums and the original creation post should pop up...
  19. Yeah the sig was awesome but really least the old spice reference one.

    I am working on getting a better one up...
  20. Now make the inside bigger than the box. XD