The travel ranting thread!

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  1. This thread is intended to vent your rage about anything bad that has happened to you on a plane, car, boat, etc. while you were traveling. I'll go first...

    Right now, I'm sitting in San Diego International Airport. I was supposed to be home by 2:30, but I'm still here. (Back to the beach!) Apparently something on the plane wasn't shut down right, and it posed a safety hazard to us. After about an hour, they started handing out pretzels and water. After that, they announced that anybody who wanted to leave the plane could. About 45 minutes later... "We're going to have to ask everybody to deplane at this time. We will try to rebook you on another flight to your destination." -_-
  2. Thank you for posting something that has nothing to do with this thread.

    Traveling to BC with my brother and sister. That alone should tell you how it goes...
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  3. New York to Hawaii, no sleep for over 24 hours connection flight in Denver delays there, but it was worth the week in Hawaii.
  4. Fixed.

    It's not recent, but still a decent story. The first time I ever flew on a plane it was to las vegas with my father. I was around 10 at the time, and this was before 9/11 so it was much more lax. My dad and I were in the second to last row of the plane, and we able to board the plane first. When we boarded, we noticed there were already two people on the plane, one in a suit and the other dressed normally, in the very last row. We thought nothing of it and continued on.

    The flight went fine, and we landed. As we pulled up to the gate the man in the suit went to the bathroom. We all started getting our luggage and my dad turned me around (or poked me to turn or something). The other man dressed normally had his finger in one of the flight attendants ears and had her open the rear door to the plane. The slide deployed and he jumped down and ran across the tarmac.

    Needless to say the other man in the suit came out of the bathroom, and was quite surprised to find the door open, and the other person had escaped. He eventually was caught by airport security (the whole plane was watching out the windows).

    I've got, just checked since I honestly don't keep track of them, 106,741 frequent flier miles at this point and nothing else (luckily) that exciting has happened in my flights.
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  5. 5 hour flight, screaming child sat behind me for the whole journy = headache

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  6. im in virgina attm.. my grandpa open the sewer pump hole blocker thingy and it exploded all over him and it got my legs... :( but beside that its good
  7. Waited to get a train home from a train station, the train still hadn't left london to get here which was 100 miles away, and it was 2 hours late when we were actually told!
  8. I don't really have much to rant about since I enjoy the travelling experience and tolerate the waiting and security checks. However, I noticed many differences between Australians and Americans regarding air travel.

    First of all, it's important to understand how vastly different air travel is in America than Australia. Regional flights in America are comparable to taking a bus into town, whereas flying to another city in Australia is a relatively big deal considering how few domestic destinations there are.

    When I went to the US, I flew to LA via Melbourne. On both of those flights, the passengers boarded quickly and efficiently. They all carried a reasonable amount of carry-on luggage and didn't linger in the aisles blocking others behind them. While flying within the US, I was amazed at how terrible Americans were at boarding planes. They shuffled in slowly, most arriving very late in the boarding process, and took a very long time to settle in their seats. They also brought two or three fairly large carry-on items, meaning when they realize they can't fit it all in the overhead compartment they have to walk up and down the plane trying to find some space. The attendants even had to take many bags from the passengers so that they can be checked in, further delaying the flight.

    It also seemed fairly silly that people accepted snacks and beverages on a 40 minute midnight flight. I don't even have anything on the four hour flight to Melbourne (though I murdered a sausage McMuffin when I arrived).
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  9. Another one.

    We went to Jamaica last February, which is around a eight hour flight. Luckily, my dad got us first class seats, so we weren't cramped in tiny seats. Once we landed, we had to wait in the airport for a hour, and then a bus ride to the hotel for a hour, but it was all worth it, and I get to go back this February!
  10. A few days ago I went to America, and when we got there we saw that one suitcase was missing, so in the past days the he arrived, it was just the wrong suitcase because it contained al the LOADERS, for phones, Nintendo DS's!
  11. Last year we went to France. Problems with the car meant we were stuck in france. It's almost unbelievable how many french people don't speak english.
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  12. And, I think not many people speak French........ I don't.... A bit from school that's it
  13. It's almost like it's a different country.
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  14. my plane was delayed 3 hours due to a false smoke alarm, when it finally came and we boarded 3 hours later at 11:40 pm, they said we are just finishing fixing some communication issues, they kept telling us it was nearly fixed for 2 hours, at 2am they said that they could not fix the thing tonight so they got everybody complemently rooms, we took a coach to a hotel at 3am after going threw uk border customs again... we finally got to the hotel at 3am, there was a massive line to check in so we had to wait another hours so when we finally got to the room we had room service at 4am :)
  15. I was in the car comeing back from a camping trip, we stoped about an hour in, and we has some chips. One an a half hours later we all started to feel sock, except for my mum, she has a burger. all of us vomited in the back and front(except for mother). when we got home, we rushed out of the car and to the gardens, when I looked back, i just realised this but there was a line on the car, markinh how much spew there was. My sister measured it the next day and it was 3cm high all around. We ended up haveing to replace almoste evrything in the car.
  16. my grandpa's eye is bothering him.. he got to close to someone welding. so now im back at home for the next 4 hours and by the time i get back the waterslide, snack bar,pool, and all outdoor activities will be over. and im not allowed to use my grandma's laptop so im ****'** so what about you guys??
  17. In 1973 my first wife and I took off from Rome in a DC10 flight to Sydney, shortly after take off the plane was shaking and making loud creaking noises. Looking out, we could see the wing flapping at the tip. Instead of climbing rapidly, we went into a slow banking climb round and round the airport. I thought OMG - we are burning off fuel ready to make an emergency landing. After a period of about 30 minutes by which time we were at about 10,000ft the noise and shaking stopped and we then climbed to a more usual altitude of about 30,000ft and set off for Bahrain. We were told there that there had been a fault in the locking mechanism of the cargo/luggage section (which I understand ran virtually the whole length of the plane below the passengers) and it had decompressed as we gained altitude, thus the noise and shaking, as the passenger floor was not designed to withstand differential pressure.
    About 5 months later a similar incident took place in a Turkish Airlines DC10 flight from Paris to London and part of the floor collapsed into the luggage bay severing controls and causing the plane to crash near Paris with the loss of over 340 lives.
    I feel in retrospect that we were very lucky bunnies.
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  18. No more remarkable than how many British folk don't speak French :rolleyes:
  19. Sometimes large passenger jets can be equally awe-inspiring and terrifying. It must have been a surreal experience, especially once you knew what could have happened.

    I've luckily never had any experiences with serious technical issues, but flying from Chicago to Boston in a small ERJ-190 we experienced severe turbulence on approach. Mild turbulence I don't mind, but this was the kind of shaking that made you grip the armrests and you could literally hear the collective gasps of the passengers during each wave. In fact, there were one or two particular moments when the wind was so strong you could hear it for a second or two before the plane jolted violently.
  20. Very scary I imagine :(.

    My experience never put me off flying though - I've always loved it :).