The Today I learned thread!

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  1. This thread if for sharing facts that you learnt today!

    1. The site TorrentFreak has tracked an IP from the Vatican that is illegally downloading porn.

    2. In 1964, a man took a picture of his daughter in a marsh. When he got it developed, a figure that appears to be an astronaut is standing behind her, and the dad said they we're the only people at the marsh. Reddit widely believes that its from double exposure, but the picture still hasn't been officially debunked.

    *Edit* This is the picture, if you guys want to talk about it

    3. Neil Armstrong had to pass through customs when he returned from the moon.

    4. Canadian soldiers during WW1 were called "Storm Troopers" by the Germans because their combat was so efficient.
  2. Today I learned everything Legit just shared, and that someone in my English class has been gathering supplies and planning for a zombie apocalypse for the past three years.
  3. Since the moon rotates on it's axis at the same rate that it revolves around the Earth you will see the same half of the moon, unless you moved to the other side of the Earth.
  4. 1. The Nazi SS at Auschwitz considered Canada a "land of plenty." So naturally, they decided to call the room where they stored gold from recently killed Jews, Canada. I don't know how I should feel about that...

    2. In 1980, Saddam Hussein was made an honorary citizen of Detroit, for paying off a churches debt.
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  5. 1. Today I learned EMC is turning into Reddit.
    2. It is possible to crush up Doritos, put them into a salt cellar, and sprinkle them over your food.
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  6. In the show "Inside Combat Rescue", the alarm to tell the Pararescuremen to launch for a mission is the famous Lerroy Jekins yell.
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  7. I thought they called the farm/garden where they used the ashes as fertilizer "Canada".
  8. Today I learned that Mass Effect is difficult, even on casual difficulty.. I've already died 4 times. I guess I should get used to a game that actually has a challenge to it. :D
  9. Today i learned that the first thing i though about when i saw this thread was will only understand why if you watch the show :p

    I also learned Coconut doughnuts do not agree well with me.

    AND I learned i kind of need money to do nice things......
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  10. Coconut Doughnuts...Euuwww....

    Today I learned... Well... Today I learned everything that's been on this thread and nothing else.
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  11. I learned how you don't get debts. By spending and earning money right.
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  12. Today, I learned the most important thing anyone could ever learn. Don't take things for granted. Spend time with the ones you love, because you never know when somebody is never going to wake up. Cherish every memory you have. Laugh, even when you are at your worst. Sometimes the smallest things can mean the most.
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  13. I know that feel bro.
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  14. George Harrison wrote a song called "Here comes the moon"

    Today is Yuri's Night, which a a celebration of space exploration. It is named after Yuri Gagarin, the first human in space

    The first tanks in WW1 got so hot, that they turned red hot..
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  15. Let me clarify: My grandfather is in the hospital, with an infected pressure sore on his foot. He is in really bad health already. They already cut off part of his foot, and now we are waiting to see if the infection spreads. If it does, they might have to amputate his leg, and if they put him down for the surgery, he might not wake up. (I would post pictures, but it's too disgusting.)
  16. 1) Live, laugh, and love everyday.
    2) Play EMC :D
    3) Earthworms have an anus (Which i never knew before, i thought they spat out undigested food through their mouth like Jellyfish)
    1. My computer isn't as good as I thought it was. It plays games with better graphics and greater CPU/RAM usage than TWD: SI but can't play that games.
    2. Humans are the only animal whose breasts get bigger during puberty.
    3. Evolution is no longer considered a theory. (I knew this already, but today I saw ten things that confirmed this :p)
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  17. 1. 5% of all people in the world are related to Ganges Khan.

    2. 99% of the people that I know have no idea what's in the world.
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  18. Descended, not related. It is likely that unless life originated in more than one seperate circumstance, that every living thing is related to every other living thing.
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  19. A speech was written for the event that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin could not be returned to Earth.

    The terms First and Third world have to do with the Cold War, not technology or economy. First World nations were the USA and the UK and their allies, Second World was the USSR and China and their allies, and Third World was Neutral and Non-aligned country's.

    When Kim-Jong-Ill visited Russia in 2001, N.K media reported that Russians were awestruck at Kim, saying that he could stop the rain and make the sun come out.

    In 2012, Russia ranked lower than N.K on the Global peace index.