The Temptation to Leave EMC

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  1. A couple weeks ago when many members posted their goodbye threads, I thought they were silly and seeking attention. I see now that their actions were warranted and that their intention was to open the eyes of their fellow EMCers.

    Many people left because of the increasing attention and greed to rupees. I was opposed to this accusation at first, claiming that there was nothing wrong with wanting to make money and take part in the economy, virtual or not. While I still believe that, the initial argument is valid and I have seen the foul things people will do out of their greed. It is explained well in this thread started by ignoramoose:

    I quote myself:
    I opened the shop with Beaverbeliever to benefit the community first and ourselves second. I thought our intentions would become respected and that people would see we were there to help. We slaved away many hours a day to keep the store in stock at a fair price. No one seemed to realize how hard it was on us to make it possible for them to buy items at a fair price and actually be in stock. Instead, we were targeted as an enemy and people threatened to "put us out of business." I could go on to list the number of insults, threats, and betrayals that I get everyday. We never looked to make enemies. In fact, we donated to other shop-owners that had fair prices and needed a boost to start out. That being said, our shop will be closed for an undisclosed amount of time. I do hope that another shop will open to take our place, but in the process, they will see how difficult it really is and how ugly people can be.

    I am not sure if the greed is the only thing causing all of the disrespect, but I have seen more and more disrespect as I continued to play EMC. I have seen regular members, senior members, and moderators alike do very disrespectful things. I have witnessed one action after another and a most recent one has finally hit my last nerve. I sincerely question whether or not some people on this server understand any semblance of common courtesy or morality. And while I have pointed my fingers at others, I confess that I have made my share of bad choices as well. The actions of those surrounding me in EMC have had a negative effect on me and I am very tempted to cut those ties loose.

    I have not played on EMC for very long and many of you probably have no clue who I am. I only hope this will open your eyes to why some people are leaving. I have seen ICC tell people that "they'll be back" when new, awesome content is added to EMC. While that sounds amazing and ICC is pretty darn awesome, it is predominantly the community that I play for. I was attracted to this server by the many amazing people on EMC, but I have discovered that there are many rotten ones as well. Unfortunately, their actions are enough to turn me away from an otherwise amazing server and community. I am not necessarily saying my farewells, but unless I see a distinct change in the community, I will most likely become more and more inactive. I do not claim or even hope to find another server with a more active community. Many of you are wonderful, but those of you that are completely disrespectful and rude are ruining it. You know who you are.

    As ignoramoose and others before me, this is a call to the EMC community to return to its roots. If you have somehow managed to read this wall of text, I am not asking you to quit. In fact, I'm asking the opposite. Leaving would just be running away. This is a problem that you can fix. Instead, ask yourself if you've been guilty of causing any disrespect and go right your wrong to try and better this community. In an attempt to avoid any discussion of religion and just to pass on words of wisdom and kindness: just treat others as you would like to be treated.
  2. While I read that wall as slightly contradictory, I'll leave that up for debate.

    What I've noticed recently, since the TEXP system, is a ridiculous number of users grinding nonstop for days / weeks. I think the TEXP system is great, but after running some quick numbers, it's mathematically impossible for it do be done "casually." Again, I think it's an awesome system. I use grinders / spawners as well. But I do love exploring. Having a little danger around the corner is fun, now that's gone.... maybe it has something to do with the economy, as you mentioned....
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  3. Me and ShadyShannon ran a shop that was ridiculously low priced, just to help people out. We were rewarded with people buying us out to sell at crazy high mark ups. I understand how you feel, and hope you find the few decent people here worth staying for. As they say: Be the change you hope to see.
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  4. Morgri, hun, I have heard a lot of good things about you through a mutual friend.

    I think you, like so many others right now, are focusing way to hard on these easily fixed problems. If someone is bothering you use /ignore /res pset move [username]
  5. Listen man(girl) , I said a coupple of things about your shop, but I ment them all as jokes. And now that its gone Im sorry im soo sorry because you guys were the only place I could buy some cheap bread here and there. Now that you guys are gone, well. It seems that all the good has left our socitie here!
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  6. The greed of rupees rather is, dispicable. Its seems as if the world really does revolve around money. I see what you're saying and couldn't agree more, but the community, friends mostly, keep me glued to my laptop for hours a day. EMC will always be a great server, and hard times have been slowly pulling the server apart... The only thing to do is mend it, not run away from it, in boredom, or in anger, or in sadness. All these people that have left don't know what they're doing, I bet some who have left still think of EMC. I'd rather see people not title their threads as "I am leaving" and more like "Hey! Lets fix this server!" More and more baf things have been happening, ever since the website has been attacked, there's been more trolls, griefings, and quitters. The server has been lagging alot too, I was actually kicked for spamming today, which was caused by lag :mad: But I hope that you stay, cause I dont really know you but I like you, cause One, You like Final Fantasy, Two, You seem smart, and Three, you took the time to write this, and tell people what they're doing! :)
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  8. morgimoogle, i went to your store today to buy some more stuff from you to give my store im making a start. i was disappointed to see that your store was closed. i'm sorry this happened but please don't leave emc because of it. i hope you feel the confidence to open it up again soon. if you feel that you no longer want to run a shop cold you give me some tips on how to run a better store at least? i am trying to give the best prices i can just like you did. i hope you two open your sheep farm also i really loved it!
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  9. Don't let others bring you down. I have had people tell me I was a rip off on prices, when I sell at very reasonable prices in my opinion, and other buyers apparently. I just ignored their rants, and now they are regular customers, because I am the only one always in stock :)
    Patience is a virtue :)
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  10. I guess what I can say is don't let some bad eggs ruin it for you. There's always going to be people looking for the best price, begging for rupees, buying your stock to resell, etc. Combat the ones you can (via /ignore or /res pset playername move false) and don't sweat the others.

    The few times I've actually ran a shop (since krysyy run's ours now) i've done a similar thing, keeping my prices lower than elsewhere. Of course someone will come along and realize that they can make a few rupees by buying my stock and selling it to another shop. I just look at that as good thing, you make the sale, they make a little money (which they obviously need) and the stock goes to another shop to get used in the community. The only players that are really looking to take the time to buy stock at one place and sell it to the other are those that need a quick 200r. Look at it as donating to the players that don't have 50k or more rupee balances.

    All in all, this is a game and it takes a while to become part of the community and appreciate it. You can't expect new players to appreciate the idea of having stuff in stock for everyone when they see a quick profit, you just have to hope that down the road, they'll become part of the community and end up being the shop owner.
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  11. All the replies... are so long. I will skim them.
  12. Hey Mogrimoogle. I do agree with you, and have definitely been noticing a decline in the community of EMC. BUT, part of the reason for this is because the people doing really great things on the server, like you and Beaver, get fed up with it. Really, I just hope that you will decide to stick it out and keep trying, because I know that I, and I'm sure lots of other people on smp7, really appreciate your guy's effort and miss seeing you guys around. On a selfish note, I also miss having a good shop to go buy stuff from when I'm too lazy to go to the wild (which is pretty much every time). Hopefully I'll get to see your shop reopen, cause if you guys do leave, there definitely will be something missing from smp7. I know I pretty much just said the same thing as everyone else, but here's to hoping the shear volume of all the positive replies will convince you to stay.
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  13. I am never going to understand the constant obsession with rupees... They are nice to have if you are going to do a big project quickly i guess.. but honestly, I spend my rupees as fast as i get them. And am happy with that. I gather the majority of my own building materials, and then use the rupees to buy tools that I can not bother to take the time to make (enchanted picks and such). I get that everyone wants to be helpful and everything, but when I joined, I did not even know about player shops, and immediately used my rewarded rupees on the Empire Shop. So I cam out of the gate with very little materials, and you know what I did? I survived, I get it, I really do, everyone wants to be nice and make low priced shops to help out these new guys. However, what is EMC in the overall scheme? A survival server. If players are introduced to the corruption of the rupee right out of the gate (which is what you are basically doing anyways) they will never venture out into the wild to get started. Which is what I did. Now, I just simply keep a nice little stockpile of actual materials and such for whenever I do need money, I will just sell what I need. But I never need much. The fact that players are blaming the rupee and its "corruption" is confusing to me, because if it bothers you that bad, then stop caring about it. Donate to random people, buy stupid things you dont need, then when you are out of money, live without it.. its possible, I guarantee it. The rupee should not be the main focus of any player In my honest opinion, which is why Justin removed the rupee leaderboard so long ago. Because it made wealth a competition. If you are really getting frustrated with the currency, then stop using it.. there are very few things in live that are that simple, and this is one of them.
  14. Now I am just going to touch on this because it is 2am right now..... In the world we live in are there rotten people? Are there people who just seem like they are in this world to ruin your day? Yes, yes there are. Now this is life and with my spent time with this certain group of people you can ether tell them to pick up their attitude up or just ignore them. Your choice not mine.
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  15. This was the point of my original post, which I think some people may have mistaken as an attack to the rupees.

    To ISMOOCH, I can relate to your belief that rupees probably shouldn't be a player's focus, but they should be allowed to make that choice. Some people on EMC enjoy building on their res, some enjoy exploring the wild, and some enjoy making rupees or having a shop. I only suggested greed as a possible reason for the increasing amount of disrespect I see flowing among EMCers these days. I even said:
    My main point is that there IS more disrespect on the servers lately and maybe a post about it will make some of the people doing it, realize it and change.

    Edit: I also made the post to explain to my customers why the shop was closed. I hope it did not take away too much from the main point I was trying to convey.
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  16. I've been here at EMC since mid Feb. Shortly after I joined I created a shop because it seemed the common thing to do as an ecomony type server with rupees having a heavy influence on gameplay. I setup on smp6, which was the newest server when I joined. I can say it's very hard setting up a shop as a new player and as a free member. It didnt take long before I became a supporter. But, the learning curve for how to run a succesfull shop took a little longer. I quickly realized that having prices too cheap could very easily become your shops undoing and put you out of business. I also quickly realized a somewhat unwritten rule among honest shop owners: the practice of reselling items is considered dishonest. Even though it's not an official rule, shop owners that cannibalize other shops items to restock their own stores is clearly frowned upon by shop owners that have been around awhile, and doing it will quickly get you banned from big shops and might even make you a few enemies. I will however, have no problem doing this to another shop after I've discovered that they have done it to me.... after banned them from my shop of course.;)

    One shop owner that was kind of the big dog on smp6 was well known for doing this and gained a bad reputation with most of the other big shops. Eventually he all but dissapeared.

    The really sad thing is that most people, myself included, don't open a shop solely to get rich (even though profit is a motivation for opening a shop) but want to create a place where people go to get supplies for their projects and to make a name for themselves as a valuable member of the community. Some shops, however, dont care if you resell because they just want the rupees and they only sell what they dont need. But, if you're like me, you arent running a shop just for rupees, you want to be known as the place where people go to get their materials.

    My shop cannot boast the cheapest prices simply because it's so difficult to stay stocked if you sell your items at or below what is considered average prices. If you are constantly out of stock people will just assume you dont have what they need and look elsewhere.

    There is some truth to what the OP considers "rupee greed" and if people see you sell something for really cheap, they cant help but clean you out and resell to make a quick buck. I wish this wasnt the case, but some people just want to brag about how many rupees they have. We have all seen it in town chat, "I have XXXXXXr! XD" or "I'm poor, can someone donate to my res? :(" I personaly dont even like the idea of donation boxes, which seem to be on everyone's res/shops these days.. it just baffles me. What is so hard about earning rupees? Why do others need to give you rupees that you've earned with your hard work? I have given away somewhere between 50-100k, but never to people that ask for it.

    Lastly, I understand what you are saying about the plethora of "rotten" players, and the /ignore funtion may help with one or two, but if you have to ignore half the community, you might start to wonder if this is where you want to play. I personally dont think it's gotten as bad as you say, yes there are a lot of people that aren't the nicest, but like melody said, you gotta take the good with the bad. I dont use the ignore function very much because I dont like feeling that I am not hearing whats going on in town chat, but if you visit my res and type /res info, you will see a red wall of text of people who no longer are allowed on my res... mostly for reselling, egging, or just being a pain. Occasionally I will go through that list and delete players that are no longer on emc, and I always find at least 2 or 3 that have been perma banned... which helps to validate why I had to ban them in the first place. I would like nothing more then to have ZERO res bans on my res, but I don't see that day ever coming. Luckily, there are still a lot of wonderfull people on EMC that make it all worthwhile.:)
  17. It's funny. I went to 14010 to buy wood because I'm too lazy to do all the stuff on my tree farm for enough when I saw the message on the door. Like nerone94 said, I have a small, cheap shop that I know you've yourself bought from. I know it is hard to stock items and keep a decent price. I would be willing to give 5k for a trustworthy friend on the server. If I did that for every person, I'd need like 5 million rupees. There are very nice people on and I just don't understand why some people need to be so rude. There is no way that I am leaving the server because, I mean seriously, where else will you find a friendly, kid-friendly server with huge safe building areas... you know what, I probably sound like an advertiser for EMC right now. I guess my point is, mog, even I need you. If you need help stocking, I would be willing to spend an hour or two if possible gathering materials for you. Another thing is me and my friend, octoviper, will be building a shop. If you want a private, cheaper room to stock you up, just contact me before the end of the summer. I'd be willing to do so to keep a nice person in EMC.
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  18. Corruption made me think about the bad things happening in Europe. :(
  19. Hey mogri, im sad to hear u might leave EMC cuz u and beaver had the best store and alot of ppl on the server r sad that 14010 might close and im sure if u re-opened it u would get lots of customers. =)