The stupidest idea Nintendo has ever thought of...

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Which do you think is the best of the 10?

Game Boy Advance 6 vote(s) 20.0%
Game Boy Advance SP 3 vote(s) 10.0%
Nintendo DS 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Nintendo DS Lite 2 vote(s) 6.7%
DSi 0 vote(s) 0.0%
DSi XL 2 vote(s) 6.7%
3DS 3 vote(s) 10.0%
3DS XL 1 vote(s) 3.3%
Classic Wii 6 vote(s) 20.0%
Wii U 7 vote(s) 23.3%
  1. Nintendo 2DS?! And no, that's not a typo.

    Need I say more? Please feel free to post your opinion about this below.
  2. the correct answer in the poll is Super Nintendo
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  3. It's not stupid.
    3D effects on the 3DS are harmful for children aged 7 or under, this is filling a market gap for the young children unable to play the 3DS
    The Nintendo 2DS also seems more compact.
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  4. Agreed 100%, but let's see the opinion of the crappier "new and improved" systems.

    The 3D effect is optional and can be turned off via the slider or Parental Controls.
    It doesn't close, and it's the size of the 3DS/other DS systems when they're opened.
  5. It actually may not be a stupid as you think. It looks like a 3ds with no 3d and can't fold. I personally hate the 3d in the 3ds. As soon as I looked at one I could feel it in my eyes. You also can't look at the 3d screen unless you are perfectly centered. This looks like what they should have done instead of the 3ds. The one complaint I have is that it looks kind of huge.
  6. Why isn't the Super Nintendo on this list?
    EDIT: Or any older systems?
  7. Uh...
    That's one of the main points of why the 2DS is stupid. There's a slider on the 3DS to turn 3D off, and you can also disable 3D via the built-in Parental Controls.

    That's also a main point. It's like a 3DS with 3D mode off but Crazy Glued open.

    That's with stereoscopic 3D, not just the 3DS' 3D effect.

    I am yet to find out why they call this a "portable" system.
  8. i dont see virtual boy on that list
  9. I've still never had a handhold gaming system other than a iPhone, but I'm just sad I couldn't vote for Gamecube/NES/Supernintendo in the poll XP

    Just from reading what others have posted, this does seem like a reasonable idea though.
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  10. I had a bad feeling when my post was put into a spoiler:p. The thing about your slider argument is that the point of the 3ds was to be in 3d. That was also how it was marketed and was the main selling point for many people. When it first came out I wanted it (this is before I saw it on the store and hated it) my parents refused to buy because of the 3d. It didn't matter that there was a slider and parental controls and to many people it didn't make a difference either. The 2ds on the other hand is marketed as being in 2d. What makes this better is how it is marketed. It is no longer about 3d but instead about everything else in the 3ds. Just like what 72Volt said, it is being marketed as an alternative to 3d. The real genius is the marketing. Nintendo did a great job with this idea other than the size and folding
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  11. Hmm... Nintendo keeps coming out with more and more electronic game systems. Since I don't really have a Nintendo product besides the Wii, really don't know how the DS plays. I guess the Nintendo 2ds isn't good, maybe...
  12. I have a Wii and a DS Lite. I hated the DS lite, and I loved the Wii. Nintendo's only great hype in recent years was in 06-07, when the Wii came out. Since then, the products they've come out with haven't met the same standards, and I'm sure this will be the last product for a few years that they make, maybe the last product ever that historic Nintendo makes if they don't get enough customers this time.
  13. My problem with this is that is sends a conflicting message and shows a lack of faith from Nintendo. They say that 3D is the new thing and that all of the games are played best with 3D, yet they come out with a system that doesn't have 3D. Generally Nintendo are pretty good at sticking to their guns, but this seems like a move EA or Microsoft would make.
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  14. It's the downfall of the consoles and handhelds! In Microsoft's and Nintendo's case.
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  15. Erm... I don't see a point of making another one of the DS's... I had an original, and an I. But, I was going to get the 3DS tomorrow, but now the 2DS is coming... downgrading the numbers much?
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  16. I don't see what you have against Nintendo...
    Either way, you missed a lot of Nintendo systems, whether you ran out of room, or you just didn't know about them.
  17. Its just a more affordable newer DS, nothing stupid with it.
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  18. The Nintendo 2ds? I thought these guys created Mario. They are better than this.

    I thought that was a prank video at first.
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  19. Not going to lie... getting it out tonight and playing SuperMarioWorld and Donkey Kong Country

    About 2D model.... yes looks little silly but it will sale.
  20. Ran out of room. :/

    Well, they kind of downgraded the 3DS in a way that the 3DS natively offers.

    When I found that video, I honestly thought so too. There's #Murica for you.

    That's where it's at.