The Story of the SMP5 Moon Landing (with pictures)

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  1. Once upon a time the moon fell from the sky and landed in SMP5.

    One minty leader established a base,

    And soon many of EMC’s explorers and adventurers, against all odds, began reaching the summit.

    The explorers sought shelter, but there were no clear instructions for using the base…

    With a bit of ingenuity, the explorers managed to get inside…

    Although they did experience some minor electrical problems in the process.

    Content with themselves, the original explorers got comfortable, enjoyed some tea and snacks, and went fishing?

    Afterwards, they invited the good people of SMP5 to join them in the newly established settlement

    Some struggled.. some didn’t make it… but those at the summit were happy, and it was good.

    People of EMC .. Visit the Moon!

    (but be warned.. it may have a strange effect on you)
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  2. xD i am in too many pics xD lol
    [Edit] First comment.
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  3. Lol I"m in 1 picture
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  4. It's all a big conspiracy! The moon landing is a fake..:rolleyes:

    Looks like a lot of fun, just had to say it.
  5. I didn't see you :confused:
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  6. This is obviously a hoax.
    Pretty cool! What res is this on?
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  7. Lolz! *This* is not a conspiracy or a fake :) The moon landed on top of old_store on smp5 .. check it out. And good luck reaching the summit :)
  8. Lol I was there nearly the whole time but there's only 1 photos of me
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  9. tumblr_mome1bE7Hk1rcjcfwo1_1280.jpg
  10. you weren't there
  11. Where's the picture of them fishing >.>
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  12. Second picture under that caption... for some reason White_trash_dna has a fishing pole

    ... and it looks like he caught AnonReturns
  13. I feel like that my character isn't sure what is happening with that fishing pole
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  14. not fishing >.>
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  15. Well... this is moon fishing .. which looks nothing like earth fishing :p
  16. So aliens inhabit your body and try to fish out others' souls while inhabiting another's body?

    I'm going!
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  17. I look so derpy xD
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  18. pretty much xD
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  19. It's good that I am a animatronic :confused:
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  20. Aliens indeed, although they only show their true forms deep within the moon =P