The SMP2 Time Capsule

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    Type: Time capsule burial
    Description: You all probably know what a time capsule is. If you don’t, well, it is a room or box placed underground usually and is buried with items used at the time, and is not to be opened until a future date. I have not ever seen one on EMC, so I decided that we should have one. With the redstone 1.5 update coming out soon, I think that we need one before that. The date of unearthing, that is taking it out of the ground, will be March 17, 2015. If you have questions, either write them below, or pm me if it is a more private question.
    Time/date: Saturday March 23, 2013 at 1:00 PM Pacific time (thats 4:00PM Eastern time
    Location:3255 smp2
    Donations: Item Donations will be necessary if you want to see your items unearthed in 2 years. All donations are accepted, as long as they are items. Money donations will be returned immediately as I do not want your money.

    Have a great day and remember to make EMC shine with glory!
  2. Who says the empire will still be a running server in 2015?
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  3. I forgot to mention:
    DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT donate items until the 17 of this month. I do not want donations flooding me for the time capsule while it is n0t ready to accept donations at the time. Donations of items will be accepted the 17, which is the day of the time capsule burial.
    Like I said earlier: Money donations will be returned immediately as I do not want your money.

    Have a great day and remember to make EMC shine with glory!
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  4. I say that the question will be answered in 2015.
  5. It will. Emc will live FOREVER.
  6. In 2 years, once the capsule is unearthed, it will be turned into a permanent museum. In the first level of the capsule is everything that is current in EMC. The second level has all the donated items
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  7. We might not be going tomorrow, next week, next month, or next can you tell if we'll be running 2 years from now?
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  8. I am all knowing!
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  9. I think its plausible for EMC to be running tomorrow :p
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  10. how do you know we wont? People said the world would end on December 21, 2012, but its MARCH 12, 2013!
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  11. Not "people." Superstitious weirdos said the world would end. :p
  12. This could be interesting...
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  13. I say we drop books into there, and see who's still playing by then
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  14. Well, what do ya know...? :p
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  15. Where's this going to be buried? 3255?
    How do we know you will still own that res?
    Other than that, I like this idea. :)
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  16. I will put a book into it, which will be the Legit Bible, and if I'm still around, I'll use it to start a cult.
  17. It is going to be buried on 3255. It is not my res. It is my brother's and i'm on the account every now and then.
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  18. I think the more relevant question is will YOU still be playing in two years. Something like this would be better done in the wild, IMHO.
  19. I would love to participate, but the whole setup is quite sketchy!
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  20. I will still be playing on EMC in 2 years. If i'm not, then I'll send you a check of $50.

    To make sure no one's donated items are stolen, everything donated will immediately be cataloged on my school gmail's google drive.
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