The Sims 4, my first impressions (with screenshots)

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  1. Hey Empire!
    As some of you know, I pre-ordered the Sims 4 :p And it just came out!
    I'm going to be giving my opinions on the game now I actually have it. So this is going to be different from my "rant thread"
    Im going to literally be writing these things as I see them, so here we go!

    Opening the game and....
    Well, it spams me with pop ups giving me items for buying the Sims 3 expansions and giving me my extra expansion pack for buying the Limited Edition
    After that!

    (The Sim on the floor laughed and died. They keep fading in and fading out with different sims doing different things)
    Home screen, I'm assuming. There's sim challenges, apparently :p I might check them out, but first, that big blue buttom!

    Straight into Create a Sim, I'm assuming it's going to give me a tutorial?

    I'm sure it's a wonderful tutorial, but I'm going to skip through it.... I know everything from the demo!

    After digging through several tutorial pop ups

    I go to the gallery to get my Sims I made in the demo and... they're not there...?
    I don't know if I did something wrong or what, but I made Sims in the demo with the info that they would be in my gallery (I did save them all) so here's to starting again!

    Remaking my simself and...

    I don't know where the hat came from but I love it

    After a full half hour of fiddling with Create a Sim, I have our 2 lucky people

    Here we have Alice (me)

    (I've taken 3 pictures and her eyes are always closed, I give up. They're light blue, honest)

    And we have Parker, based from the old sim I made for Parkerjv9 :p (I had to remake it some time)

    (At least he can keep his eyes open)

    Lets start!

    Selfie for the household picture

    House time!
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  2. Tutorial/tips is apparently still going. Oh well, let's roll with it

    So it looks like that's the perfect home, according to the game, I'm going to assume it's right
    (Also are they holding hands down there or something? xD)
    It looks like the map is split into different parts.

    We'll see how that works out

    And we're in!

    After doing the basics of the tutorial....

    Alice is inspired and cooking (thanks tutorial) and Parker is... I'm not too sure myself :p Washing his hands?

    The camera movements are a bit iffy. There is an option to change them to be more like Sims 3 controls, but I think I'll deal with that later

    I made some chocolate cake so people love me

    Okay enough messing, I'm supposed to be having a look around :p
    Map view....
    Actually no
    Build mode.

    This isn't ok

    *several mins later*
    I found the needs tab! :D
    But... I can't seem to find the build mode tab...?

    Oh wait
    It's the hammer and spanner, top right, oops

    After rushing through the tutorial, I click the middle of the house and arrows everywhere o.o
    Lets try making that bed room a bit bigger....

    The bin was in the way, but it moved on it's own when I expanded the wall
    Smart buildy thingy!

    There's a search box to quickly get things. You can see that auto room thing on the picture above. Not bad actually!
    I cant really show the soundtrack, but it is simply amazing <3

    Anyway, sorted the room out

    (Creepy bears xD)
    Let's actually go to map view :p

    I can't show it without fiddling about, but a lot of things are done from the phone
    I don't know if there's another way but I've just used the phone to "Travel with..."

    OH! Look at that~

    If you look in the top left corner, Alice and Parker actually live in Oasis Springs (the beach looking one) but I've just clicked Willow Creek and it seems I can just... Go there without any problems
    I love it <3
    I feel like a good place to go would be the willow creek park

    Understandably, that's taken a little longer to load then everything else

    I left for 5 seconds to type and they've just gone, why do I even try to keep them still xD
    Parker found.... someone

    And apparently Alice made some burgers and his eating them all alone :c

    The park is looking very very pretty actually

    (Couldnt get it to do the whole screen, sorry for low quality as well e.e)

    I think I'll leave my sims to terrorise the children on the pirate ship while I go have a look around (theyre playing as sea monsters it's fine)
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  3. I found a log, and apparently you can "Look for Frogs" in it? How gross! :D

    I think the last thing I want to do is meet some random people and throw a party actually, let's do it!

    Project: Meet People is about to begin

    Just realised something!

    It's Bob Pancake! From the trailers! The most interesting least interesting sim of all time :3 Okay, back to the project

    Wait. Hold it there a second
    The music in the lounge just started playing music from the Sims (the original!) oh that's beautiful~ I'm staying in this lounge forever

    *a few moments later*

    People met, let's buy some stuff and get the party going :3

    I think I have made the house about 90% more party like

    Build mode is very easy by the way~
    Want a sofa? Type sofa into the search bar! Want something with a rabbit on it? Type rabbit into the search bar!

    Party almost finished, and only the people I hired have turned up xD
    On the other hand, the soundtrack is astonishing, I really wish I could show you guys it >.<

    And thats all from the Sims 4 for now!
    Want to see something else? Let me know :p
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  4. Reserved
  5. It seems to have less than Sims 3, I'm still sticking to Sims 3 since I have already spent my monies in the expansion packs...
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  6. Sims4 made most of it's ''standard'' items as a DLC. So pools, toddlers and all that are DLC content which you gotta pay for separatly...

  7. Posts are finished for now, enough screenshots for me xD

    Pools, toddlers and "all that" are simply not in the game
    The Life of the Party DLC which I got with the Limited Edition is decent enough. Also bear in mind that the game has literally only just come out (came out just under 2 hours ago) so they may add it for free in a patch/update
  8. Everyone is hinting towards a Sims system where you have to pay to get everything you like. The developers know that all sims players are addicted enough to keep spending money on DLC's... Hence why The Sims 3 had so many DLCs with random stuff xD. They're making an easy buck out of items that should be in the main game :p
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  9. Very cool! :) I was looking for more information on it and was planning to watch Aureylian play it, but you are fine as well ;)
  10. . . . I'm just going to start laughing now. Alice, you're awesome, but you do realize this is EA you're talking about, right? They'll charge you $10 for a collection of bath tubs, for fluff'sake.

    I'm not hating on the Sims as a game, mind you. I've had on-off spells with Sims 2 for a while, and what I've heard about Sims 3 sounds interesting enough. But we all know how EA runs the Sims franchise - they've been doing it since the original, and the only thing that's changed in fifteen years is the ratio of how much content they can charge for /vs/ how much they charge for it.

    It's your money, I've no right to tell you what you should do with it. I just lament the fact that so many people are willing to continue shelling out even more, and getting less and less in return for it.
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  11. I'm just going to finish buying the rest of the Stuff and Expansion packs and not get 4 since it becomes more EA like...
  12. E•A•like
    1. (e-ay-lyke) adj. To be a horrible, disgusting waste of space that sells things that you should get for free. I can't believe that company sells air, it's being so EA-like.
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  13. I haven't played the Sims much but I was looking forward to this one and finally going to delve into it. My problem with the game is the way it controls (if that makes sense) It's not intuitive to me at all and I've never liked that you can't change the way it functions. I'm the kinda person who always has to invert the axis on Xbox and Playstation games. Is this one the same? I know I would love the game, but 60-70$ is so much money for me!
  14. Also include the prices of stuff,expansion and store stuff which will maybe add up it about $1000...
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  15. Just had a look for you and there is a way to invert the X and Y axix for the camera controls! I don't know how well it works, but it's there :p
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  16. i have spent so much money on the original sims (i have the complete collection) the sims 2 (i only don't have 1 or 2 of those because the sims 3 came out before all the expansions were out for the 2nd)
    ((and if that doesn't scream in your face that ea is nothing but a cash sucking crap company i don't know what will tell you that)) and now have every game for the sims 3 (the first 5 games i actually bought... then the pirate bay became my friend because i hate ea and they don't deserve all that money for such simple "stuff packs" lol)
    and what it looks like to me is the sims 4 is pretty much the 3rd, just with my customization when it comes to making sims? and the interface has definitely changed, but the graphics/gameplay looks pretty much the same. :(
  17. Expansion and store stuff which you don't have to buy. I know some of it might have "essential things" but really? I got the Sims 3 with only the Pets expansion, and I only got that to add my dog. Yes I may have got one expansion with Sims 4 but really I haven't even used anything out of it yet, and I'm still having fun with it
  18. They only added some extra features and took at goods ones like how the town and jobs are now,but you are able to drag a room to any location on your plot...
  19. Don't worry the EA virus might get to you, you may end up buying some or all of the expansion packs...
  20. haha, see my only issue with the sims games are the pure fact that i need all of them, i like having everything... i don't even know why.
    if i want to play, i just want to have everything they let out.. i'm sure you don't need to.. but i like playing the game mostly because i like building the houses and decorating everything.. i actually don't like the game play itself very much. so the more stuff/decorations/and blah blah blah.... you know >_< so i guess its my own fault, but i'm sure i'm not the only person who thinks like this?