The SHIELD Neighborhood

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  1. Hello EMC! Today it is my great pleasure to introduce to you the S.H.I.E.L.D Neighborhood. Located in the NE area of smp7, we are a group of friends living next to each other in a quickly growing community made up of 27 29 39 residences. What started off as me and my IRL friend's isolated residences has turned into a vibrant community over the past few months. As most of you can probably agree, the Empire is far more fun with friends, and living in a community like this has made me to enjoy Minecraft more than ever before. Many of you will hopefully recognize SHIELD as the name of an organization from Marvel Comics, but we have stolen the acronym inspired by the fact that STARK Tower resides in the neighborhood, and made it stand for Smp7's Heroic, Incredible, Excellent, Legendary District

    Here is the overhead photo of the neighborhood, and in the spoiler you can find a neighborhood guide, with the residence numbers, the owner, and a brief explanation of what can be found there.
    8-19 SHIELD 1.png
    Blue: Border of neighborhood at time of post
    Green: Initial size of neighborhood on the day of its creation
    Red: Residences added after this photo was taken, or that I forgot the first time round :p

    1. 14860 - cddm95ace(1) This was the first res in this area, claimed by me on my first day of EMC, all of 600+ days ago. It contains a castle wall, my house, and quite a few of my utilities, unchanged since their creation. 1st day.png
    2. 14861 - Enzler This res was the second one claimed, when I texted my friend Enzler and he claimed the res across from me the same day. He has built a nature inspired hill and river, with his house resting on top of the hill's peak. For a long time, these were the only residences here.
    3. 14859 - cddm95ace(2) STARK Tower. My proudest creation. Upon purchasing gold, I claimed this residence, donned an Iron Man skin, and began building the tower. One of the centerpieces of the neighborhood, you can find a shop, and many cool secrets and features throughout the 26 story skyscraper.
    4. 14746 - Chris_Flo Originally claimed by dandandondo, and then lost due to derelict policy, this residence is now the home of the founder of TREES (which is now a sub-organization of SHIELD) and home to the neighborhood's very own spleef arena.
    5. 14747 - Alyattayla Reset since the last post, Alyattayla has completely redesigned the hotel and has begun construction.
    6. 14892 - Deathconn Filling this res is a masterful replica of Frank Lloyd Wright's famous house "Falling Water" and Deathconn's insane villager trading center.
    Falling Water.png
    7. 14981 - Cube151 Cube's utility res (WIP) and containing a giant sphere of lava.
    8. 14858 - cutejuliew Soon to be filled with julie's very pretty modern home (WIP).

    9. 14862 - cddm95ace(3) My utility res, hidden underneath a large lake.
    My 3rd.png
    10. 14640 - sstrngmnm Used to be dandandondo's residence, this is now the future site of The SS Foundation's HQ

    11. 14983 - J_A_D_E_1_6 (3) Jcplugs and Deathconn's massive sugar cane farm

    12. 15112 - cddm95ace(4) My 4th res and soon to be the site of a massive tower and mega mall.

    13. 14984 - THE_LEGEND4 Legend's Work in Progress Mega Mall

    14. 15114 - ItzLegend_ Legend's miscellaneous res, it's quite fancy.
    15. 14748 - Sonicol1 (2) After a long absence from smp7, Sonic has returned his 2nd res here and has yet to decide what to build.

    16. 14980 - Iron95man(3) This is now my alt's 3rd res, I have no idea what it shall be

    17. 14745 - Cube151 (4) The HQ of our neighborhood, which contains a full res directory

    18. 15113 - Iron95man(2) My alt's 2nd res, this may end up being the site of pixel art

    19. 15111 - Irridessence An IRL friend of Deathconn's, Irridessence has build several cool houses here and currently has a city of towers in progress

    20. 15115 - THE_LEGEND4 (4) Currently a giant hole, I'm sure it will be cool

    21. 15249 - Ixlemort A semi-alt account for Enzler and I, currently housing my tree farm

    22. 15110 - Alyattayla(2) Soon to be the first res of a two res resort

    23. 15248 - THE_LEGEND(2) Will be the 2nd res for the resort

    24. 14749 - Eluigi8 Blank

    25. 14857 - Faeghost(3) A WIP Casino being built by Faeghost and Legend

    26. 14743 - TheChosenOne92 Alyattayla's brother's res, and home to a very cool house
    27. 14856 - clayman135 Mossiknight's alt account houses some nice stables
    28. 14863 - Kadboy Kadboy's massive stables are housed here
    Kad stables.png

    29. 15253 - THE_LEGEND4 (3) Also a large hole, this is Legend's storage res, and has a maze built by Alyattayla

    30. dandandondo Blank

    31. Iron95man(1) My alt's first res, will be the site of my mansion

    32. cutejuliew(2) Blank

    33. cutejuliew(4) cutejuliew's Farms

    34. cutejuliew(3) A large Eiffel Tower is under construction
    35. lameidl(1) Lameidl's large castle

    36. takurashi There is a large fire and ice fortress here

    37. mman2832 A very nice house is at mman's residence

    38. Chris_Flo(2) Chris's 2nd res and farms

    39. Prince_Xanthos Blank

    40. Mossiknights Blank
    NOTE: Residences not yet mostly finished to do not have screenshots included.
    NOTE: WIP = Work in Progress

    Make sure to stop by, wander around (on a horse perhaps), visit the shop, stay at the hotel, and enjoy all of our projects :)
  2. Awesome post, Cddm! Thanks for sharing our group's projects!
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    Glad to be part of this! :)
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  5. I love being next to the stark tower, It makes me feel special and soon all my reses are gonna be near to my first, so excited :)
  6. Cody, time for another update!!!
    We got 5-6 new reses to add to the shield neighborhood.
    You already know this but its also for other people to know that there is more than what the picture shows right now.

    Also this is a bump in a way :D
  7. Update: We are now at 40 residences :D Map and descriptions have been updated, and updates will continue as we all work on our projects. More pictures will be included shortly as well.
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  8. yay I love this neighborhood.
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  9. *cough* need to edit the post to say The SS Foundation's HQ, not sstrngmnm's HQ :p *cough*
  10. yea you should put a pic of my finished house on my first res and move the eiffel tower info to my 3rd res
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