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What should TREES build next?

Poll closed Jan 12, 2013.
A temple 6 vote(s) 46.2%
An outpost (in the wild) 6 vote(s) 46.2%
Other? 1 vote(s) 7.7%
  1. Hey fellow EMCers! Sit down and whip on those glasses, your about to read some super cool stuff. Lets get started. Me, Alyattayla, and sonicol1 (Senior Staff) run a non-profit organization on SMP7 called TREES.

    Now i know what you must be thinking "Oh no not another amatuer group of newbly-dooblys trying to hog off my well earned rupees" Well no, I didn't make this to ask for rupees, (unless you insist on donating). I made this to simply inform players on what we do. Our main goal: Have fun! Anything you might have interest in (mining, hunting, building) you csn do it at TREES! We provide each of our TREES Members with a room, pool, slide, multiple diving boards, and even spaceships at the TREES Dorms on 14483. Not to mention we just finished building a super cool Christmas tree :cool: 2012-12-17_23.34.02.png
    But what else? Well we have our own library on Kadboy's second residence, we're working on building a hotel, not to mention our artificial forest, secret meeting room, Potion bar, giant treetop headquarters, greenhouse, and we bought the two best shops on SMP7, 15500 and 14192. But the thing that makes us most known is the TREES 25r Diamond Stand on 14051. Yep, just 25r. Be warned though, they are only stocked about once a week. Diamonds.png

    So if you're interested in joining TREES there are several ways to join. First, you can message me (on the website) and I'll reply whether you have been approved or denied (don't worry, no one has EVER been denied) Another thing you can do is come on over to SMP7 and ask me in person. If I'm not online at the time, I will be placing a chest at my res (14051) where people will be able to place a written book (their application) and I can read them and approve and do the whole shebang.

    What happens when you join TREES? Well first off its completely free for those of you protecting your rupees. When construction is complete on the TREES Dorms, every single member will have a room and roommate (dont worry, we'll make sure your not bunked with someone annoying). After that, you are free to explore the dorms, pool, and will have granted access into our spacecrafts. There's really no reason not to join.

    Rule #1: NEVER ask to become a staff member of the TREES staff, its irritating. Very few of the members will rarely become a member of the Minor Staff. This doesn't mean you can just become a staff member easily. You will have to work hard and contribute to TREES and/or the projects that TREES is working on.
    Benefits of being a Staff member:
    -Staff members recieve flags to all residences owned by TREES.
    -Staff members will have their names colored on signs at the Dorms.
    -Staff members will be on the Staff wall.
    And most importantly, members of the Staff will get their very own assigned pool chair at the pool. 2012-12-17_23.38.32.png
    Rule #2: Have as much fun as your Minecraftian bodies can withhold. We do lots of activities like hunting (mainly in the nether), spleef, build, write books, sell diamonds, visit XP farms, and many more.
    Rule #3: I couldn't think of a third rule.

    If for whatever reason you want to leave, all you have to do is inform me or a member of the Senior Staff, and we'll take care of all the paperwork. If you do leave TREES, you will be severely tortured and executed. Just kidding, you'll have to remove your things from the Dorms, and if you are a staff member and decide to leave, your name will be removed from the staff wall.

    Spreading the Word:
    Soon, I am planning on becoming a supporter, so i am hoping to have residences for TREES on various SMPs, such as SMP1, SMP2, SMP5, and SMP9. Hopefully, we will become more known and grow as an organization. We are trying our best to gather more players to join, the more the merrier!

    Helping the SMP7 economy:
    SMP7 is going through what you may call an economic depression. A certain shop (which shall not be named) had been doing well, but once the owners became uber rich, they neglected it, never stocked it, and left it for dead. this has drained all hope for most shops on SMP7 with the exception of a few. So TREES is trying its hardest to revive the ambition to make a shop, but we don't exactly know how. So we need your help, if anyone has any ideas on what to do to help SMP7, feel free to put your ideas in the comments, and we might give it a shot.
    Well that's all, I hope this convinced some of you to join, we'd be happy to have a new member!:D

    Buddies.png (sonicol1 left, Chris_Flo right, Alyattayla refused to take a picture)
  2. That's cool don't show the shop, it's not like i wanted to get included or anything.....

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  5. That looks amazing!
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  7. Such a well layd out out post but yet it is missing the most needed thing... How to join.:mad:(I would like to join)
  8. Well we have some technical difficulties since we don't have our AWESOME shop image on this thread -_- we're gonna have to get some things dealt with xD
  9. Lol basically that is the way to join xD after asking he may accept it (dont worry he always accept everyone :3) then he will give you all the details.
  10. 2012-12-22_05.31.18.png 2012-12-22_05.31.26.png 2012-12-22_05.31.32.png

    TREES official Shop
    smp7 /v deathconn
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  14. Chris, you should list out (with pretty colors) all the staff and minor staff, and then keep a running list of all the members (in boring colors).
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  15. xD sorry its my first post in a long time. If you wanna join, all you have to do is pm me and the one word codename you would like and I'll ad you to the list :D
  16. On the thread? mkay, though i already have that on the staff wall on 14483