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  1. Hello everyone, today I am officially opening my replica of STARK Tower, only half a year after the project began! :D The tower is based off of the 2012 movie "The Avengers" and resides on 14859 (smp7).


    Possibly most importantly, on floors 4-7, there is a shop. It is stocked and will officially be opening at 5 PM PST, which should be around the time this thread is posted. This is my first time running a shop, so I'll see how it goes, but smp7 sure could use a few more shops.

    I will try to maintain a good stock and keep my prices reasonable. If you find something out of stock or a ridiculously high/low price, please let me know.

    Floor 4 - Blue: Construction Blocks Green: Organic Material
    Floor 5 - (Black:) Spawn Eggs Orange: Mob Drops
    Floor 6 - White: Sheep's Wool Red: Redstone and Misc.
    Floor 7 - Purple: Enchantments Yellow: Ores and Ingots

    Why must spoilers be so hard to use >:U

    I hope all of you will go take a visit to my 2nd residence, either to buy something from the new shop or to just wander around and explore all the tower's hidden secrets and cool features. I've been working on this project since December, and hopefully you guys can enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed building it. A big thank you to all the people who supplied materials and donated time to help me build it, as well as my great friends for the support along the way. :)

    There's is an Imgur album with lots of pictures HERE if you can't make it to look in person.

    Stark Livemap.png

    I will be bumping this thread in the future when I have special offers, the shop gets an update, new items become offered, or really with any news about the tower/shop. Please don't rage at me if I bump it after it becomes an "old" thread.

    I am not actually Iron Man/Tony Stark, those are fictional characters, nor am I Robert Downy Jr or as cool as him. In addition, I cannot fly or shoot rockets out of my shoulders, sorry to disappoint

    This is not a real building, you will not find it in New York.

    I am sure that the STARK logo is trademarked by Marvel, but this is a video game so who cares.

    This build is inspired by a build by cooljvargas, but built by cddm95ace

    Shop is not guaranteed to be in stock, though I will do my best.

    This is likely to be a triple (EDIT: Double :p ) spoiler for some reason, sorry about that
  2. :D Yay!
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  3. Wait, you're NOT Iron Man?

    Hehe, looks great! About time SMP7 had a new shop. :)
  4. Looking really good!
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  5. Bought the perfect amount of sandstone from you :)

    Nice prices, Thanks :cool:
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  6. Amazing!!
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  7. UPDATE: Things have gone great since opening, and to celebrate over 100k in profits I am opening a new shop section, Special Items! This includes Mob Heads, Chainmail, and IcC Birthday Vouchers. :)
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  9. *Cough* copier *Cough*

    Sry, have a little cold :p
  10. To be fair, I believe I started work on that section BEFORE your shop opened XD
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  11. Really? I never noticed that ._.
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