The Secret Path

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  1. Been to PVP lately? If not, you really should. Because there is something there other than PVP, on top of the PVP Blue arena, there is an invisible path, that leads to a mysterious place. We are still exploring it at the moment, will keep posted.
  2. it was made last night, i got the highest of anyone then and ran into a number of dead ends
  3. What is it for?
  4. Torture. And fun. Mainly torture though.
  5. Its racking my nerves, every jump, every block.
  6. Barrier blocks from the senior staff?
  7. So, I just beat it. Let me say that it was ultra-anticlimatic.

    Thanks, Obama.
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  8. Wait, the red arena looks like a pizza and a fork...

    Edit: and a pizza cutter and a person nearby ready to eat it
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  9. I hate you all ._. so much.
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