The sapling challenge

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  1. Recently I have been bored of EMC so I decided to do a bit of a restart. I got a blank res, walked out int the waste with nothing and like we have all done, I punched a tree. A sapling fell into my inventory and I got an idea. How far could I make it with just this sapling? I threw all the wood out and came back with my one sapling. I planted it on my res and refined the rules.
    1. Start with a blank res, 0 rupees, and just an oak sapling.
    2. Don't take donations.
    3. Don't receive daily bonus.
    4. Don't receive any voting bonuses.
    5. Don't use public farms.
    6. Don't use waste/frontier.
    It is pretty interesting and it is more fun than it sounds, especially because you have to be creative and really count the rupees you spend. It kind of reminds me of skyblock. NathanRP is trying it with me and I think he enjoys it.

    If your bored, give it a shot and tell me how it turns out :)
  2. Its more fun than it sounds
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  3. Not sure, I might leaf this one alone, but it could be a treet for some times when I am bored.
  4. setting limits 4 urself and then playing a whole new game can be very fun and challenging! u might even discover new stuff!
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  5. I like stuff like this. Keeps things from getting stale.
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  6. I think I might just try this.
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  7. I did this on another account and it was fun. Specially when I needed to find iron ore to make shears for a leaf wall around the res.

    All in all it's fun but I get very creative with a blank space res. So I needed to get crops and stone. So now I needed a furnace and more iron for a bucket of water.

    You know how it goes when you start from scratch.
  8. How would you get cobble?
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  9. I think you are suppose to make everything from oak wood. 1 sapling to start and then everything made from that. Nothing else since you can't go to waste/wild.
  10. Grow your tree, get the wood, sell the wood, buy a pick? :)
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  11. I make 27r off of every 8 wood and I have around 3 stacks right now :)
  12. So you can use other items, you just have to buy them without ever going to waste/frontier?
  13. yeah
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  14. You can use player shops. I bought water and lava to make a cobble gen, then I sold the cobble and used it to make tools.
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  15. Love it. I will have to use my alt since I'm out at my base. I went to the waste to get a sapling and then reset the res. Already turned the 1 sapling into a bench, 1 dc, 10 logs and 7 saplings :D
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  16. This reminds me a bit of my survival games which I sometimes tried to do: run out into the wastelands with nothing and then trying to actually survive. I even ended up fighting a Blizz with an iron sword one time (fortunately before his bazooka upgrade :D).

    Love projects like these!
  17. I once went into the wild with nothing but a few bits of chicken and beat an Enraged Creeper to death, anythings possible if you believe :p
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  18. Can anyone think of a farm/generator I could build on the res that would bring in a decent amount of rupees?