The return of JustinGuy

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  1. Good afternoon Empire Minecraft! Many of you know who I am and others may have heard my name being tossed about. Some refer to me as the creator of EMC. But those that know me well understand that I didn’t create EMC, and thus don’t take credit for it. The community and combined efforts of everyone created this Empire. I merely took everyone’s input and ideas and organized it into reality.

    I won’t bore everyone with the long history of EMC. To make it short Jeremy and I wanted to play Minecraft online with a few friends. This was back in July 2011 and a few months later it had exploded into one of the biggest Minecraft server communities. For a while the growth was exponential, so much so that we could barely keep up (anyone remember waiting to get an open slot?).

    The reason for this popularity was because we did what other servers didn’t. Other servers were building what they thought would be the perfect Minecraft experience, and then try to force the community into it. We identified ourselves as part of the community and together we forged what turned Minecraft into Empire Minecraft.

    So where have I been? Well my hiatus was for several reasons. The biggest reason was life changes. One life change was becoming a father. I also left my job in Boston and moved my family to Denver. However that lasted for a matter of days before I was interviewing for a new job in the US Virgin Islands. I ended up taking that job and had to make an even more difficult move to an island. Another reason for my break was that I was burnt out. I spent months obsessed with working on EMC 24/7. I refused to take on any programming help, wanting to do all the technical work myself. I just got tired and it all caught up to me at once.

    During my break I have been keeping the servers up, responding to issues, and working on many things behind the scenes. However I have done little to improve and expand EMC. As a result we have shrunk a little. But that is all about to change.

    I am happy to announce that I am finally settled down and ready to get back to my passion of Empire Minecraft. I am very excited about the future of EMC. We have added the talented Aikar as a full time developer, and as you have seen he is working on some awesome things. We also promoted Maxarias and she is going to be taking on a bigger staff role.

    I want to thank the staff, supporters, and players who continue to make EMC what it is today. I hope to see all of you in-game this weekend!

    Happy Mining,
    Justin Guy
  2. Welcome back Justin! Ready to rock the Empire :)
  3. Welcome Back Justin :)
    I hope you get a great time on EMC, after a break ;)
  4. Welcome back !!!
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  5. Welcome backk !
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  6. Awesome Justin's back
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  7. I missed you. :(
  8. Glad to have you (officially) back! :)
  9. Yes! :D You're back! :D I might actually see your name in-game now! :D
  10. Awsome to have you back!

    Does this mean that you will help to prepare EMC for my Android application as we talked about a year ago? :)
  11. Welcome back to EMC JustinGuy
    When i joined EMC you left ten days ago, and i have never talked to you.
    Let's change that :) EMC have made my Online game play 100 times better & so much more enjoying.
    The chaos with Happyshopper and PThagaard are now gone, and you're back.
    EMC is getting better and better :)!!!

    Hope to see you soon on the empire, you're really missed ;)

    Greetings From Faithcaster :)
    Velkommen Tilbage.jpg
  12. Welcome back Justin! I cannot express in words how happy I am that you are back!
  13. An android app would be pretty cool but I will admit it's not high on my list to help with :)
  14. I might hold you to that statement some day :)

    And well,Now that we have two EMC dev it might get a bit higher on the list, in time :)
  15. Welcome back - you have been missed. I am again. Life is complete.
  16. Here's the deal: if you come online, I wont sell your pet Cow on eBay. Deal? :p
  17. Wait, hold up. IN GAME!?!?!?!?! I haven't seen him in game since shortly after the Wild Reset. OMG. lol. We need memes NOW
  18. Holy Crap!
    The Legend has returned!!
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  19. Hehe this is great
  20. Justinguy!!! Welcome back :)
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