The Reflection in Bed

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What would you do if you were Tony?

Sneak out of the house. 21 vote(s) 95.5%
Stay at the house. 1 vote(s) 4.5%
  1. New story for you guys. Please give comments and vote for what will happen next...

    Hi. My name is Tony and I almost died 2 days ago. I never like telling the story, but you’re here. I have to tell you now. Be prepared to die of horror. Just Kidding. Its not that bad, but it happened to me. I puked twice and turned into dust . Literally. Lets go back in the past, to my least favorite day of the week: Monday.

    Coming home from a busy school day, I yawned and got smacked by the door. Nevermind. That was my rude sister, Jessica.
    “Get out of my room, Tony. Don’t scatter your trash on my floor.” said Jessica.
    “Mhmm.” I quickly scurried off and went into my own room.
    I stuffed some Pringles in my mouth as I did my Calculus homework. Time passed. 15min, 30min. 60min. I was almost done. As I relaxed on my bed, Jessica stuck a ball of gum in my hair.

    “Hey! What was that for? I have gel in my hair!” I said.
    “You left your gum-” said Jessica
    “You forgot to knock on my door!” I said.
    “pile in my bathroom, idiot.” said Jessica
    “Mom! Jessica’s being a jerk.” I screamed.
    “Shut up Tony. I was returning it to you.” said Jessica.

    She winked and slammed my door again. I shrugged, as I attempted to pull the gum out of my hair. I wondered, when is Phillip coming home? Phillip was my older brother, a senior in high school. He was the nicest kid I knew. Smart, intelligent, brilliant, fair. Not annoying and mean like my sister. He always knew what to do. I tried to remember the last night I was with him. Oh, yeah. He helped me study for my spanish exam. All those memories, I began to miss his presence. I needed his pep talks before football practice. I also need his help pulling out this gum wad. 30 min before football practice, Phillip still wasn’t home. I asked mother about Phillip.

    “Mom, when is Phillip coming-”
    “Tony! Did you finish your homework?”
    “Yes, but…”
    “Oh, you have football practice. Lets go!”

    So much for a helpful conversation from mom. Coach Dave gave us bruises, 30 pushups, and a headache. After practice, Dad picked me up and drove me home.
    “Hi Dad.”
    “Tony, how was football practice?”
    “Good. Where’s Phillip?”

    Dad and Mom stared at each other for a moment.
    “He-he at a friend’s house. Sleepover. They are studying for their SAT.”
    Immediately, I knew something was wrong. Dad’s tone sounded strange, but I kept my suspicions for later.
    “Okay. Goodnight.”
    “Goodnight Tony.”

    I had to figure it out. I pulled out my iPhone, and texted Phillip, as I leaned my head agaisnt my pillow.
    -Phillip where are you? Friend’s house?
    5min, no response. 10min, nothing. Finally, 15min later, I got this strange text.
    -Don’t tell dad. Meet him at the school. He will help you. Hurry. Find it under the lamp.

    A bunch of questions popped up in my head. Who is ‘he’? Why the school? What is ‘it’? Why do I have to rush? What should I do? I knew something was strange. School was a block away from my house, I could walk there, but I needed to make a decision.
    Should I..
    Sneak out of the house and look for Phillip.

    Stay at the house and be a coward.

    Part 2:
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  2. Sneak out! Good story BTW.
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  3. Great Story, If I Was Tony I Would Sneak Out Of The House.
  4. If I was Tony I'd text back to Phillip with "lol go away" and go to sleep.
  5. oo like this things that the reader kinda decides what happens next! :) nice story!
  6. we need a part 2! sneak out and find out what happened to Philip!
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  7. Great job! Awesome story sneak out because yolo
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  8. Sneak out, it makes for a more exciting story. ;)
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  9. Does the same feedback more than once count?
  10. Just more replies from other peoples. :)
  11. Oooo when is part two Gona happen/come out ?
    So far I loved it
  12. will u make a continuation of the story based on the votes from the poll ?
    please do not leave us on a cliff hanger
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