The Reflection in Bed Part 2 + 3

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What would you do if you were Tony?

Run away screaming 1 vote(s) 10.0%
Talk slowly. 9 vote(s) 90.0%
  1. Part 2 + 3. Enjoy. Vote for what happens next. :p
    10 pm. No other sign of Phillip. I tiptoed down the stairs, avoiding the wooden cracks in the floor and my dog, Rosie. I slowly walked to the front door and opened it. And almost fell on the grass. Man, was I really that tired? I had no time to celebrate over my escape. I jogged across the two streets, into Eugene’s High School. In the front of the school, I was supposed to meet a figurative guy, assuming that he was real. I scanned my surroundings. Left-Right. Nothing. A bulky shadow caught my eye..
    “Tony? Is that you?” the shadow said.
    “Who are you? I said.
    The shadow stepped into the light, revealing himself. It was Alex, Phillip’s best friend and a big nerd. If he was supposed to show me to Phillip, why was he confused?
    “Alex. Why are you here?” I said.
    “Looking for Phillip. You should go home you know. Its really late and-” said Alex.
    “Did you get a strange text?” I asked.
    “How did you- Yes I did.” said Alex.
    He showed me his text. The words, the phrase. The time sent. Everything was the same.
    “So you are this guy? Where is Phillip? This better not be a prank. Its 10!” said Alex.
    “I don’t know either! I’m looking for him too.” I said.
    “Okay. Okay. So, can you help me?”
    “Well, you’re the nerd. Any other clues?”
    “The last part of the text read, Find it under the lamp. But, there’s no lamp nearby. Maybe this text is a riddle.”
    “Argh! I hate riddles. You figure it out. I’m going to look somewhere else.”
    I looked up and found it: the ‘lamp’.
    “Well, do you see it?” I said.
    “Yep. Thats too high.” said Alex.
    The only light: the school sign. It was on the wall of the 2nd floor. There was no way me or Alex could reach it. No ladders or trees to climb. The walls were too smooth. The windows were flat.
    “What a bummer. We can’t reach it. Never in a million years. Its impossible.”
    An idea popped in my head. A riddle. Under the lamp. It all made sense now.
    “Alex, cmon. You didn’t figure it out?”
    Alex shook his head.
    “Phillip meant under the sign. Not on the sign! Maybe its on the ground somewhere.”
    “OMG! Tony! You are a genius. Why didn’t I think of that... “
    We split up, searching the ground for a note or message. I almost gave up hope, until Alex called me over.
    “I think this is it.” Alex said.
    I read the note out loud.
    “A-m-a-z-o-n. 11035 What? This makes no sense.Are you sure that’s the right message? Do we have to go to the Amazon Forest? Or order pizza and eat it in the amazon? Or order 1 Phillip on amazon?” I asked.
    “No dummy. Amazon. I think he means those giant Amazon storage buildings.”
    “Great. So we have to search the entire world for Phillip! Amazing!”
    “Enough sarcasm. There were numbers at the end and I believe those are the numbers for the address.”
    “Even better! We search the entire city of Eugene! Piece of cake. And plus, its like 50 degrees outside. Are you crazy, dude?”
    “Cmon, Tony. I have my car. Come with me. Help. Please.”
    “I don’t know… My parents might freak out if I am gone and I have a big test tomorrow...”
    “Well, did you study?”
    “Uh- nope.”
    “Well there you go. You can skip your test. The school will always say you’re absent.”
    “But, what about my parents?”
    “Well, they won’t tell anyone that you are gone. They know Phillip is gone right?”
    I remembered. No phone calls to the police. No calls to the school. They gave each other nervous glances. Even mom cut the conversation. Something bad must have happened to Phillip. Why did my parents hide it from me then?
    “I’ll come but, you have to stop by the gas station.” I said.
    “Why?” said Alex.
    “Really? Supplies, food! We need stuff for this ‘adventure’.”
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  2. 11 pm. We pulled into a Shell gas station. A softmore and a senior at 11pm, looked strange. The cashier didn’t question us though. I got matches, some bags of chips, a little backpack, and fruit punch Gatorade. After the stop, we were ready.
    “So, where is this storage building?” I said.
    “It should be 15min away, if Google Maps works.” said Alex.
    “Okay, I’m going to take a short nap.”

    I woke up. It felt so good. But, there was one problem. Why was it so bright? I rolled down my window and it was… Daytime! Where are we? To my right, Alex’s head was drooped on the wheel. Our car was parked on a random curb. To make matters worse, my phone’s battery died.
    “Alex! What is this?” I said.
    “Wha-ugh. Why is it so bright?” Alex said.
    “Can you explain why its 8am now?!”
    “Erm, I might have fallen asleep. During. Our trip.”
    “Really? We spent 8 hours, just sleeping!”
    “Geez. Calm down kid. We needed the sleep.”
    “Are we even close to the building?”
    “Yea, its right there.”
    Alex pointed his hand to the right and there it was. It looked like a giant shed, but it looked abandoned. No trucks, cars, nothing. Not even a single light. Dead grass withered around the building, and some of the roof was falling off. The only nice section of the storage was the front.
    “Lets go.” I said.
    Quietly, Alex and I checked around. There was a clear entrance, two glass doors, that were frosted on the outside. Even a red carpet led into the two doors. Alex was about to open it, when I grabbed his hand.
    “Don’t, Alex. This is a little suspicious. They want people to come this way. Red carpet, potted plants, lanterns. It looks too nice for an abandoned building, don’t you think?”
    Alex nodded and we went to the side of the building. There was a little alley for trucks and the garbage, along with barbed wire. A wooden door was half open, like someone had been here before. Phillip. We had to find him. Alex took a step forward and a garbage can exploded with rats.
    “RATTTTS! ARHHHHH!” Alex screamed and ran behind me.
    I stayed calm. I quickly tossed my bags of chips into the street. They viciously teared the bags apart, looking for food.
    “Whew, that was unexpected. Don’t move.”
    I pulled out a tiny ball that looked like a powdered donut. I tossed it forward into the tiny alley. Smoke poured out, revealing skinny lasers.
    “How did you do that?” said Alex.
    “Oh this smoke bomb? My friends and I used to play around with these. I have dozens at home. We used to pretend to be a ninja.I just brought it with me for fun.” I said.
    “What about the lasers? Who puts lasers near a storage building.”
    “This isn’t a storage building. We learned that from the death rats.”
    “Yea. I guess the laser triggers that can to explode.”
    “No more rats. Don’t trigger the lasers.”
    We crawled and stepped over the lasers. Alex almost fell into one, but I grabbed him just in time. I hated doors, especially weird looking ones. I felt like I was in a horror movie. I couldn’t stand it. I leaned in a corner, bent my head, and puked.
    “Dude? You okay?” said Alex in alarm.
    “Yeah, all this stuff makes me nauseous.” I said.
    “Well, I’m going in first.” Alex opened the creaky door. I followed after him. I noticed my surroundings and I was right. This was absolutely not a storage building. A dim hallway led into the main ‘lobby.’ We carefully walked toward the big room. File papers, knifes, lightbulbs, and handcuffs were scattered on the ground. I picked up two knives for Alex and I. I think I heard voices echo off the walls. I listened, but more silence. I think I’m being paranoid. But, I told Alex my thoughts.
    “Alex, we aren’t alone here.” I said.
    “Phillip?” said Alex.
    “No, someone else.”
    “You are right. Welcome to my place.” a random voice appeared.
    The elevator opened, revealing a strong buff guy, in a black suit, armed with a knife. I gulped.
    I needed to…
    RUN FOR MY LIFE!!!!!!!!

    Talk carefully.
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  3. This story gets better and better :D
  4. Thanks ;)
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  5. Why a kid casually carries about smoke bombs like it's nothing is beyond me.
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  6. Great Job Love the story!:)
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  7. The only thing bad about this story so far is why is it a book? I want something to keep me going for hours :p
  8. You mean you want it to end immediately?
  9. No I want a whole book with chapters and stuff so I can enjoy it with out cliffhangers :p
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  10. Oh I thought you wanted this:

    Part 4-
    The man stabbed me in the back. I bled out and died. The End.

    Lol. :p
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  11. Welp there's the ending :(
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  12. That wasn't the ending lol
  13. Good story! There are some things that don't seem logical to me, but I like it overall!
    Anyway, I'd say stay... try to talk. Seems more strategic to me. Both staying and running away could be risky, but staying has more potential to lead to answers, I think.
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  14. they sell them a5 the local dollar store for like 50 cents XD and y the heck not
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