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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by matjam360, Oct 21, 2012.

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  1. I have noticed that EMC has gotten a huge drop in players. Before I saw it happen to smp3 and a couple other smp servers. I think we need to really figure out a way to fix this. When I first started out Smp1 Had a lot of life in it. Now I see its almost getting under 20 players. However a lot of people I knew and made friends with have been either inactive or have gotten banned from EMC. I personally am on the verge of leaving EMC since its starting to get a little stale. I personally like that Halloween contests are going on and have been giving me a reason to stay. However after the contest I might leave EMC. So I'd like to ask about how everyone else feels on EMC recent player drop.
  2. I like less people. Less lag and less jerks.
  3. Think of it this way: We used to have only 5 servers were always jam packed. They added 5 more and people spread to different servers.
  4. There will be people coming and going but some will stay and we are having a new release soon and that will bring in new people.
  5. I haven't really notice a player drop yet since early summer. I keep on meeting new people daily some are bad, but most are good.
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  6. This is an known and identified situation, we all can admit that EMC IS losing members due to lack of updates, school season, and others simply quitting due to lack of players from the two reasons stated. With the new updates and Christmas break and all those shenanigans (Like the Dragon Egg update) you will definetely see a surge in players soon. :)
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  7. Yes! And less potential griefers! ^__^ I'm gettin involved in a lot ( a big wild's town).I always have stuff to do. If you need ideas just ask! Sure it's less griefers but it's also less a chance to get new GOOD players, and less drive for the owners to get new content, etc.

    I remember when I first joined- I couldn't even play because it was always full, I was wondering if it was just a scam to get people to pay for supporter. :p (I even eventually was a supporter for awhile and came to love EMC.)
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  8. Yeah. There's a drop in players. But just as old players move on (or, in my case, are pushed along by life) new players come in. Sure, they may not be the same people, but whenever I stop by in-game, I get the opportunity to meet new people as well as old friends.

    And don't forget that Justin's back and the fun is only just beginning.
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  9. :/

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  10. It happens. MC is just a game. Lots of servers have had a drop off in players, lots of servers have vanished.

    Less players does not make for a worse playing experience. How many do you actually interact with on a daily basis? I'm in the Wild so could really be playing Singleplayer, but for one person who makes it all worthwhile.

    The accepted fact though, is that EMC needs more than what it currently has - it's not Vanilla, but it's not far enough away from Vanilla to really make it stand out in terms of how involved the Players can get. An Economy plugin is not going to keep a Community interested forever.

    Maybe we'll get a ton of updates, maybe we wont.

    Make sure you chunk save your Wild builds so that if anything happens, at least that effort isn't wasted. :)
  11. Oh we're getting the updates :p Just not for a while :/
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  13. As old player move on new one's will join. Its evolution (I think)
  14. No, this is evolution:
  15. I also enjoy less noise and less griefing.

    I see this period as a chance to develop, I hope towards quality game with quality players. Class instead of mass.

    * Think how to attract quality players - probably through word of mouth in the first place

    * Make supporting attractive with the quality of the game, not with "perks" which make the game easier and therefore actually ruin it. MC is interesting because it is not easy, because there are problems to solve. Take the problems away, and you make the game boring.

    * It is better to have 3000 supporters who support with $3 each month ($36 per year), than 450 supporters with $20 each. C'mon, everyone can afford $3 per month for a good game. There can be sponsorship where older players can sponsor the youngest or similar, so there can be free members...
    This could even be a fun part of the game. Young / new players get a sponsor first who introduces them and watch them develop until the sponsorship is not needed any more...
    Show on the status how many players one sponsors, perhaps with the names.
    This could reduce social problems and griefing as well.
    ((Idk ... I've already seen a wedding in EMC, perhaps they want to have kids in EMC too :D))

    * Switch to stable economy instead of free rupees (quote: "A way for supporters to get stuff more easily"), make economy interesting and fun part of the game.

    * Real supporters want to support, not to buy rupees...

    * Let this virtual world and the community develop and live its life, don't restrain it.
  16. I'm sorry, but
    1) You're a member. You're not a supporter, so how do you know what a 'real supporter' is? And how is a supporter not a real supporter?
    2) How do you buy a currency?
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  17. Only the best players keep playing. It's kinda like natural selection theory.
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  18. Playing, talking, seeing what happens to many them after they "go diamond."

    Because maintenance and development of the server needs support.
    But free rupees don't support the game nor the community, they are only a problem.
    So if you really want to support EMC, you don't want free rupees.

    By creating value - digging materials. You deposit stuff (for example coal) to get money,
    so that every rupee in the system is backed by stuff you can buy.

    I've described a proposition for a natural economy for EMC here:

    (With free rupees, you have billions of rupees in the game, but just few millions of stuff that you can actually buy (besides the /shop which creates stuff "out of thin air"). It is a fake "economy." More here: Quote from staff (IIRC, I was not able to find the post again): "Rupees are there so supporters can get stuff more easily")

    Well, I think a natural, real economy would be much more interesting and fun - and fair in terms of game-play.

    Edit: the 100r per day for non-supporters brings probably about the same (my estimation) amount of rupees in the system as supporters free rupees - depending on how many free members log in, so every free rupee is a problem, not only supporters'...
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  19. EMC's economy is stable as is. You're trying to make the economy like RL economy.

    RL Economy, if you haven't noticed, is crap. Almost every single country in the world is bankrupt.
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