The Real Reason I Haven't Been on EMC

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  1. I haven't been on EMC recently, and this is why. San Siro and Old Trafford Remakes are done, yupp, im cool :p 2012-10-12_19.29.56.png 2012-10-12_19.27.36.png
  2. Wow.... nice
  3. Very impressive. I assume it is bigger than 60x60... lol.
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  4. Lol yeah it is :p
  5. Could it fit on a utopia res? 120x120
  6. How big is it?
  7. I dont think so, i completely remade them, so outsides and everything.
  8. now you can schematic those all up and we can build them in the emc wild and play a game of football!
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  9. Outside of San Siro 2012-10-12_19.47.40.png
  10. Outside of Old Trafford 2012-10-12_19.50.30.png
  11. If you could put the Old Trafford world up for download, you will get a Million Internets.
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  12. now THIS would be cool for an SG arena :p
    mind if you post a world download link?
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  13. This is pretty awesome, good work!
  14. IDk how to do that :p
  15. Copy the world file go to: %appdata% > .minecraft > saves > [worldname]
    Make a new Compressed Zip Folder (.zip).
    Copy the world save into it.
    Presto! theres your world for us :p
    Idk a good place to upload it, maybe dropbox and give us the link?
  16. That's presuming he's on Windows.
  17. Yes, if hes on mac ill have to go see how :p
  18. Same here, I only know how on Windows.
  19. since its fullscreen, im presuming its windows...
  20. This is possibly one of the best large scale build I have ever seen (not just from EMC), You should submit this build to Planet Minecraft if you haven't already! Also when you upload I would suggest using a service such as Mediafire or fliiby. Perhaps EMC's "Upload a File button" will also work? Once you've uploaded it to any of those let me know and I'll check it out ;) I'll give it a diamond (the PMC like button) if you post it on PMC!
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