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  1. [OFFICIAL] Radiation Empire Story

    What is this?
    This is a story that is created by EnderMagic1, connecting a story with realistic pictures that go along with main events in the story. This new story will be exciting, funny, engaging and suspenseful throughout the story. Sometimes, these stories offer your skin to be in one of these pictures. As you all know, this story is a continuation of the Christmas story, which is shown below. Also, this story is for your entertainment on the empire forums. I hope you enjoy!

    How come there is only one part? Its not complete?
    Thats right. Here is how this big story is broken up.
    The Series is the whole entire story. For example, Radiation Empire is the "series" I will be creating.
    The Section is part of the story, like a chapter in a book. For example, Radiation Empire I is a chapter composed of multiple parts. Different sections will be released throughout the entire year.
    The Part is a part of the chapter, so the story can still be engaging and dramatic. One part is usually released per day. They are broken up, changing perspectives, problems, setting, etc.

    Wait, what? There's giveaways?
    There will be another one after my main giveaway finishes..

    Sections- Finished/In Progress [Cancelled for NOW]
    Radiation Empire I: General of The Elementals
    NEW:Radiation Empire II: New Allies, New Powers

    Why cancelled?
    Due to the private negative responses I have been getting and the lack of reading, I will be re-writing every part I have written so far, later in the year. I want to improve some characters and how they act in situations. Don't worry, some of the parts wont change too much. ;)
    Thanks for understanding.


  2. Radiation Empire I: General of The Elementals
    Radiation Empire I: General of the Elementals
    50 years have passed since the Battle of the Dragon. Radiation Empire has grown in the past decades from the remains of Blockington. New technology has emerged for better defense: firearms, lasers, mythical swords, rocket launchers. Everything seems perfect.

    However, when a new threat attacks the farms of the Radiation Empire, things start to go downhill. Fear grows to the people, making them revolt over this new government. Radiation Empire is about to collapse, when a new person has come to lead. Agent X, the new general of the Radiation army, has new plans However, he gets angry over his superiors, ending up in prison, making him a wanted criminal. Even though Agent X is a suspect of the new threat, can he and his team save the Radiation Empire from disaster? Will they discover what they are truly made of?

    Switches perspectives between Agent X and Agent D.

    I was fighting. Dodging my opponents attacks, I leaped into the air. Unfortunately, I got stabbed in the chest and died. Wait I am still here? My dreams disappeared, forming a church with a bunch of disappointed people around me. Why are we at a church again? Oh yeah, the whole news flash of the Eastern side-splitting away from the empire. Let's say this, it's a long story. Somebody was looking at me. Shaking his head, he said, "Agent X, may I remind you that snoring is not allowed at these meetings. You are an immature seventeen-year-old boy who doesn't even come up with ideas, pay General Abrahams and the Leader some respect." I saluted back to the general as if I actually cared. I was the commander of a war strategy, but since everything has been going wrong lately, I had to attend these meetings. I received a bunch of papers in a small file. I looked through the titles, most of them were really boring.
    Western River floodings
    Great Island gets trade access
    23 dead after Unknown Attacks
    North West Bridge still under construction
    New Rocket Launcher Prototype A

    I was excited about the Rocket Launcher, but everything else was boring, My arms relaxed, I fell into a relaxed position on the chair. I shoved the papers aside, and the General was shaking his head again. "Since you are failing your tasks, Agent X, we are promoting Agent D to commander too." Instantly, as if on cue, a young girl stood up and walked toward the front of the church. She saluted to the General and sat back in her seat.
    That was the last straw. I got so mad, I punched the general in the face. The policemen tackled me and cuffed my hands. I didn't have much time to think about what I just did, since I was dragged to prison.

    I woke up. I was in a room, surrounded by a bunch of very advanced technology, that I never learned about. The scientists scanned my head. A bunch of them nodded and I fell asleep again.
    * * * I woke up again, but this time in a prison cell. One guy was watching me yawn and stretch my legs.. "Why are you in here with me, Slime-dude?"
    The guy responded, "They 'ran out' of prison cells, so you were dropped off in here. Don't call me slimedude."
    "Where am I?"
    "You are at the North Prison. Off of the speedway, 105. What's your name?"
    I replied, "Agent X, I am the general-"
    "No, your real name." Normally, I wasn't supposed to tell anyone my real name, according to government protocol. I was in prison, who cares about the laws now.
    "Devin. What's yours?"
    "Jacob, I am the species Slimic Homo." He did look familiar. Same black eyes, blue skin, and he just stared at me. It was making me a bit uncomfortable.

    The door burst open.
    "Freeze! Agent X don't move."
    A scientist walked into the room followed by an armed policeman. The scientist acted fast, taking out a needle, with a small tube on the end. He injected it into my skin. I couldn't reject, the policeman was pointing his gun at me. After a few minutes, they both left, locking the door again. Jacob was in shock.
    "You are a special too? That's why you were put here with me! We have to get out of here!"
    I looked in the chest, but Jacob just stared at a police guard. I didnt find anything but a piece of string. Magically, the policeman opened the door.
    I was shocked. "How'd you do-"
    "No time to explain! Let's go. We have to get my friend Ben." We ran as fast as we could, triggering every alarm in the prison.

    After that boring meeting a few hours ago, I got some bad news. My dad was at the hospital. My hands were shaking. He was perfectly fine a few days ago, the last time I saw him. I remember that conversation,
    "Hello, Agent D. We have some bad news. Your dad has been poisoned."
    "What?? Who? How? Why would anyone do that?"
    "I'm sorry miss, that information is classified."
    My hands shivered when I heard those words. Who would want to poison my dad? I hopped onto my motorcycle, zooming down speedway 105. I arrived at noon. The city was busy at this time, lots of civillians walking around the streets, playing in the park, going to work. I walked up to the Central Medic Station. It took me a while to find the room. After 3 flights of stairs and running into nurses, I found my dad's room. I opened the door. My dad was pale. His eyes were very red, his face more wrinkled, and his nose was a bit bigger. I stood there in shock.
    He finally spoke. "Hey sweetie. Come here." It felt unusual talking to my dad with a policeman watching me. "Hi dad. Are you okay?"
    "Dont ask that sweetie. I have some important things to tell you."
    My dad seemed so calm. What is wrong?
    "Please forgive me. I am not the guy you thought I was. I was a real hero, from the ancient legends. I kept this information to protect you sweetie."
    "Wait, What?! You are the hero of the old legends-why"
    "Please. Let me continue, before my time-"
    The policeman blurted out the words, "you have two minutes left."
    My dad started swelling up with tears. "Katie, you need to trust me. Whatever happens in the future, join them. You can make a difference in this world. There can be two at once."
    My dad started coughing, his face was turning more red.
    "Katie, do you promise?"
    I thought my dad was crazy, but I said it. "I promise."
    "I love you, sweetie." He kissed me on the cheek, and rested his head on the pillow forever. A beeping noise came from the policeman's watch.

    "DAD!" I yelled it so loudly. I started crying in my arms and closed my eyes. Instantly, I was located to a different scene. I was in the prison, as I saw Agent X escape. I was confused. Was I dreaming? Everything seemed so real. Whenever I touched an object, I felt it. I punched him in the face. He was groaning in pain. I opened my eyes again. I was in the hospital. I felt strange, but I knew what I needed to do. I raced out of the building.

    I just got punched my that girl. I opened my eyes again, but I couldn't see her. There was a mark on my face, I was really confused. Jacob rescued Ben, but we didn't have enough time to introduce ourselves.
    Huffing and puffing, Jacob spoke. "Where to now? We need to escape!"
    "We have to go to my uncle's house. Cmon!"
    After a few blocks and stuttered pedestrians, we made it.
    We literally broke down the door, rushing into the house. My uncle Pete was staring at us. "Uncle, please, we need your car! The police are after us."
    "The prophecy. No way..."
    "What? Are you okay, uncle?"
    "I'm fine. We have to go now." We all hopped into my uncle's car, speeding down the streets. The police eventually found us, forcing us on the speedway.
    "Uncle, where are we going?"
    "To the bridge!!!" Really, Uncle. There were a bunch of bridges in the city. I wanted to be sarcastic, but Jacob looked at me as if he knew what I was going to say. I kept it to myself. The police shot our back tires, making the car skid on the road. We passed a sign that said: Welcome to North West Bridge. Oh no. I remember from those documents: North West Bridge still under construction
    "Uncle we have to stop. NOW!"
    "We have to keep going. To achieve destiny."
    "Are you nuts?! This is insane!"
    Jacob was really confused, but gunshots echoed in the distance. However, the police got a lucky shot, and the car launched us all out. Wow. Seatbelts are so useful... Jacob landed on his back, groaning in pain. My uncle pulled out his gun, shooting the police.
    Ben didn't think at all, and leapt off the edge of the unfinished bridge. I helped Jacob up and we dove into the water. My uncle pulled all of us with his hands, touching the ocean floor. We literally fell through the ocean floor into an unknown world.
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  3. I heard the police chase on the speedway. I knew exactly which crossroads that was. Once I arrived, the police were searching below the bridge and inside the suspect's car. The policeman noticed me and spoke.
    "Miss, you shouldn't be out here. This is a private investigation we have to solve."
    "You don't trust me? Excuse me, this is Agent D. I just got promoted!"
    "Get. Out. Now."
    I pretended to walk away and hid behind the police car. I had the feeling again. I closed my eyes. Instantly, I saw Agent X and his friends laying on gigantic blocks. I moved my head. Realizing I was in a new world, I took note of the background. Above me, a big hole was open, letting out water from our world. Underneath that hole was gigantic blocks. I wasn't kidding. These blocks were 10 times the size of normal ones and they ignored gravity, even sand floated above the endless void. A bunch of different blocks was scattered everywhere and a huge obsidian platform underneath everything, near the void. On the horizon line, I noticed five different "islands" that were floating above the world. It looked like they were creating particles that were surrounding the obsidian platform. I was confused. What are those particles? What is this place? What are those 5 lands? Why is this world underneath the real world? I opened my eyes again. I ignored the police and dove into the water.

    "Devin, wake up!"
    I opened my eyes. We were stuck on a giant wool block. Pain surged through my body as I got on two feet. I made sure everyone was okay. Then, my uncle started lecturing me on where we were. I didn't really care, I thought I was dreaming. My uncle knew I wasn't paying attention so he slapped me on the face. "Pay attention! This is important."
    "After the huge battle, the explosion created a hole into this new world, Sabelsti- uh- Just use STL for short. The 5 heroes got into a huge fight, making them separate into their own island. Each island represented one of the 5 heroes. Each powered by a large energy source that keeps the island from crashing. Also, each island carries a super-beam, which protects both worlds from chaos, forming a star. If two of the worlds lose that energy, the whole world will come to an end as we know it."
    I didn't understand anything he just said.
    "Wait, where are we?"
    "We are in STL! STL is underneath our empire."
    How did my uncle know this? I really-
    Suddenly, a girl crashed down on my uncle and kicked Jacob onto a stone block underneath the wool block. Ben tried to attack, but he fell down too. The girl punched me and threw me over the edge. I landed on my back. My uncle crashed down on me, which caused severe pain in my back. The girl jumped off the wool, landing using a shoulder roll. She literally pulled Jacob's arm off.
    "If you don't listen to me now, his arm will never regenerate." She tossed his arm into the void, holding Jacob as hostage. I had to say it.
    "We surrender."
    At that same moment, an overhead speaker said the following words. "REDSTONE TORCH"
    Instantly, a bunch of redstone torches rained down with the giant blocks. Jacob's eyes popped.
    He exclaimed, "Devin! Get off this stone block! It's attached to a sticky piston!"
    "What's a sticky? What did you say-"
    I was too late. The sticky piston moved the entire block forward, crashing into a sand block nearby. The huge force from the piston transferred to the sand, sending it into the void. Jacob hung onto the stone block. I watched in horror as the sand block fell down, into the void.
    I helped Jacob up. The girl held both of us, forcing us to follow her.

    I was in shock. I couldn't believe what just happened, but I grabbed both of their hands and walked away. Was I doing the right thing? I remembered my dad's words. Whatever happens in the future, join them. You can make a difference in this world. There can be two at once.
    The slime dude spoke. "Where are you taking us, Agent D?"
    A shock went through my mind. How did he know my agent name? I replied.
    "None of your concern."
    Actually, I had no idea where we were. This new world was completely new to me.
    The sun was setting. I didn't like being in the dark. I wanted to camp on a light block. I looked around. There was a beacon block a few blocks below. We carefully hopped down the giant blocks. We finally set foot on the beacon block. But we weren't alone. Standing in front of us was a strange blaze. His rods were spread apart and he had a skeleton head.

    It was creepy. I walked forward, but it started chanting words.
    3 Players left at night.
    2 already know their abilities.
    When morning hits, the sun awakes.
    They will be too distracted using the utilities.
    Not noticing the bigger picture.
    The heroes will create a new entity.
    One hero will have a new identity
    When all seems solved, the world will create a new problem.
    war and disrupting balance in all the empires.

    As soon as we stepped forward, it dissolved into smoke.
    I threatened them. "Rest now, if you two run away, I will hunt you down and kill you."
    I think that threat was too scary. I closed my eyes, but didn't see anything this time. As I fell asleep, I think I heard a ship above us, dropping a net over the beacon.

    I woke up. "Where are we?"
    I looked around. A bunch of giant blocks were in piles, and a few hundred meters away appeared to be a city."Cmon, lets explore, guys."
    We hopped off the blocks and into the city. This city had two sections. One was more modern looking, with skyscrapers and advanced technology. The other section was very old, with old tools and Redstone items. The people of the city carried bows and swords, eating raw fish. Something really creeped me out. Centaurs walked around the city too. I started to think I was dreaming again.
    I was about to ask Jacob to wake me up, but he knew. He punched me on the face. I was still in the city. It wasn't a dream.
    Katie said, "This isn't a dream you twerp. This is so cool!"
    I shrugged my shoulders. We stumbled into a building.
    A centaur was sitting down on the floor with some paper in his hands. Instantly, he stood up and talked.
    "Would you like to buy some tickets?" I was about to say no, but my mind changed, as if someone was controlling me. I answered. "Yes please. I want to enter in the competition."
    What competition? What did I just say? I was about to reject, but he gave me the tickets anyway. Jacob started examining an old jukebox. His arm was slowly regenerating. It was funny to see him with a short, stubby arm.

    Me and Jacob decided to talk about what happened.
    "Hey, Jacob. How did that block move the stone when we got ambushed by her?"
    He moved his eyes. Lol. He doesn't have regular eyes, so I guess moving them is like rolling them. "Really? You are an idiot. It was a sticky piston. Fun fact: Sticky pistons move blocks."
    5 minutes later, the jukebox started repeating a message. "Competitors meet at the coliseum in the center. Good Luck!! Tickets are no longer available." Jacob asked the centaur where the coliseum was. He was very helpful. We got lost a few times until we found the main entrance. The guard said, "Greetings competitor! Welcome to the Redstone Competition!"
    "Jacob! You do this-"
    Jacob was nowhere to be seen.
    My eyes popped. What? I don't know anything about redstone stuff.
    He continued. "All other spectators must stay behind the gates." The girl let me go. She started giving me those pretty eyes. I remembered something. The incident in the prison. My uncle was talking about those powers. She is one of them.
    "Hey, what's your name?"
    "Ohh, Katie."
    "Okay, Katie, please help me out with your power."
    "Whats my power?"
    The guard forced me down the hall as I shouted, "You already know!"
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  4. What was my power? I had no idea. I tried to think for a moment. I couldn't think of anything. Suddenly, an explosion in the coliseum went off, as I huddled into a ball and closed my eyes. I opened them again. Everything was the same. A shock of realization went throughout my body. Jacob nodded and said. "I think you know what you need to do to help Devin. I'm gonna get some donuts." Jacob ran off. I thought of where I wanted to be. I closed my eyes. I appeared directly behind the guard. I tapped him on the back and ran into the streets. He dropped some keys and ran after me. I opened my eyes again, and sure enough, he wasn't there. I smiled. My power is so awesome. I unlocked the gates, blending in with the large crowd watching the competition. I sat in the upper seats. The loudspeaker boomed again. "Weeelllcoommmeee, to the Annual Redstone Competition!!" A bunch of fireworks was set off and everyone cheered. The loudspeaker continued. "There are 3 three judges this time! Remember, the qualifications for winning are functionality, mobility, and creativity! The winner gets a luxury stay in the Grand Central Hotel, while the other will be dropped in the void!" Everyone applauded except for me. I watched Devin's face go completely pale. "Introducing our competitors, Devin Xethar and Flamy Sprilt!" More fireworks were set off. "Also, every redstone item that is needed are in the chests! And craftable items are allowed as well! There will only be one round, and may the best build win!!" Everyone cheered and the loud horn blew. I was really nervous about doing this. I waited a few hours. I looked on Devin's side. There was nothing except a sticky piston and some redstone dust. However, on Flamy's side, a bunch of complex redstone circuits was already in progress. I remembered Devin's words,Katie, please help me out with your power. I gulped. Finally, I wanted to be on the arena floor. I closed my eyes.

    Instantly, I was next to Flamy's redstone build. I quickly took a redstone thing out of the machine. My eyes popped. How did he get those command blocks? Those are impossible to get! I didn't want to find out, and I opened my eyes again. I had a redstone repeater in my hands. I smiled and put it in my pocket. I ran out of the stands before anyone could see me.

    My hands froze as the loudspeaker said those words: while the other will be dropped in the void! I was prepared to die. My only hope was Katie, I hope she would do her part. The horn blew and the competition began. I searched the chests. A bunch of unknown items was in there. There was this tiny stone, a stone with a wood on the end, a hook thing, a slab with two red torches on it, a lamp, and the only item I knew: a sticky piston. I grabbed the items and ran back to my spot. I tried to think of what Jacob told me, Fun fact: Sticky pistons move blocks. Well, at least I had some information. I tried a bunch of combinations. I put sticky pistons next to redstone wiring. It did nothing. I put the lamp on top of the redstone wiring, but it still did nothing. I placed down an old button. I pressed it. Instantly, the sticky piston moved up and then down. I was so happy. I tried more combinations. I learned that placing levers can hold the piston up. I eventually made 4 of these layouts, all connecting to the same lever. I flipped the lever and all of the pistons went up into the air. I looked over at Flamy's side. He had a bunch of complex circuits, with an unknown orange-ish block in the middle. He was using lamps too. I was really confused. I kept up my hope. After a few hours, my luck diminished. Everything I tried was failing, so I kept the original circuit. The horn blew again. "The round is over! Remember the build has to be functional and creative!" I sank my head into the floor. How was I supposed to win? The judges came over to my side first waiting to be impressed. I stood on top of the sticky piston. "Introducing.... the-uh-Person Lifter!" I switched the lever multiple times, raising and lowering my body. "The best redstone item in the universe!" The judges wrote down a few notes. They were really surprised, probably in a bad way. Flamy was chuckling on the other side of the arena. Everyone walked over to Flamy's build. I prayed that Katie did her part. He said boldly, "Here is the Automatic Clock! It can measure the sun's light and project that in a clock visual! It is noon right now, so the top light should turn on. Watch!" He flipped the switch. Nothing happened. "Uh-Watch again!" He flipped the lever again. Nothing happened. The judges looked at each other, nodding in disapproval. "Hey! My redstone repeater is missing! He cheated!" The judges started yelling at him. "We have no evidence that he cheated, so the winner is Devin Xethar! The Person Lifter wins because of its functionality!" Flamy's head started turning bright red. It looked too red. Suddenly, his head let out a roar of red flames, that burned two of the judges. The witch became invisible. I was still alive. The fire didn't hurt at all, in fact, I felt no pain. Flamy punched me and ran out the arena. "GET HIM! HES ESCAPING!" I ran after him.
    * * * We were at the edge of the city. Flamy was out of breath. Sighting me in his vision, he breathed out a fire, which didn't hurt me at all. I punched him in the face. Flamy fell into the void. I can't believe what I just did. The witch appeared and gave me a special ticket to the Grand Central Hotel. Katie and Jacob found me, storming through the huge crowd surrounding me. Together, we rode down the streets in our private shuttle to the hotel.

    We arrived. The mass crowd was gone since it was getting dark. The tall buildings didn't produce any light anymore, the broadcasting throughout the town was off. We walked up the stairs. This was the fanciest hotel I have ever been to. Beacons, diamond blocks, and quartz made up some of the walls in the hotel, but most of the building was made of sandstone blocks. Devin presented the ticket. The guy lifted up his glasses and said, "You get a free room on level 1. Here is your key. Please walk-"
    He noticed me, his eyes nearly exploding. The guy grabbed the key back. "I'm so sorry VIP. Your room is now on level 23. The finest suite in the hotel." He whispered to me, "Sorry about your dad." I felt really weird when I heard those words. I was about to cry again. Jacob hugged me, and we walked together to the elevator in silence. Once we got to the room, I immediately changed out of my army clothes. They were too rough. I put on a white and blue dress, but Devin was so handsome. He cut his hair evenly, wearing a nice suit, and posed in front of me. I giggled a little bit, as he looked at the ground. I started cooking some meat.

    He broke the silence. "Do you want to go get some real dinner?" I paused, he was asking me on a date. "Sure, where to?" His face brightened up, as he leads me to the door. Jacob said he was going to rest, which was strange. His species don't sleep. Devin and I held hands as we walked out of the suite.

    My first night with a girl. Sure, I had moments with girls back in army training. But, Katie was so beautiful. I don't think she noticed that she put her dress on opposite ends. We walked down the streets, until we found a tiny cafe. The owner let us in and sighted Katie. The owner gasped. He led us to a private room, which was strange again. Why were being treated so nicely? "What would you like madam and sir?"
    I asked for a piece of steak. Instantly, a guy next to the owner, threw the steak on our table. The owner rushed out, until we were privately eating. Katie and I shared the steak. It was the juiciest and crispiest steak I ever had.

    Every now and then, Katie would brush her hair to the side, as I would sigh in love. She began to think I was creepy. At the same time, Katie looked at my eyes in awe. We had our moment. Our heads touched, sharing the moment of love. We did it again. This was the best night in my life. I wanted to do it again, but suddenly, this voice appeared in my head. "Come back Devin! We need to leave." I ignored the voice, but it said it louder. "Come back! I need you!"
    I started freaking out now. "ARGH! Get this voice out! Argh!" The voice kept repeating itself, until I banged my head on the table. Katie was worried, like a lot. Finally, the voice said the words.
    They will be too distracted using the utilities.
    My eyes zoomed out. I remembered that creepy chant that blaze guy said. I quickly grabbed Katie's hands, and said, "We have to go now!"

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  5. I am really worried for Devin. A few minutes ago, he was banging his head against the table and yelling at his mind. We returned to the hotel. Jacob was waiting there, sitting in silence. Without saying anything, he led us downstairs. He started talking again. "I have made arrangements. We can go back to our world."
    "How!? We are stuck down here, in this weird dimension!"
    "Well, I was speaking to the governor of BrightLight. He said that there was a secret tube that connected this world to our world. Also, each of the 5 worlds connects to our world somehow, secretly. I have the coordinates."
    I was suspicious. Why would Jacob do all this without telling us? We called our shuttle again, riding down the streets. I stumbled on the road. Sure enough, a tube was in the center of the city, protected by two guards. "HEY! What are you guys doing here, in the middle of the night! Go back to where you-" The guards saw me. Like usual, they gasped and opened the tube. "Sorry madam." He gave me a bow. A gush of air was coming from the tube. I was a bit nervous.
    Devin started talking. "Hey, Jacob, want to go in first?"
    "Nah. You should go first."
    "I have an idea, lets let the lady go first."
    Jacob chuckled, and everyone looked at me. I rolled my eyes, stepping into the tube. The gush of air lifted me up so fast. "Ahhhhh!"
    Jacob and Devin followed me up, as we were transported out.
    We weren't in Radiation Empire. We ended up in a cave. The tube wasn't there anymore. I didn't know how deep underground we were. Jacob and Katie started moaning in pain.
    "Argh! The sparks! They hurt! Argh!"
    "The heat is too much, we need to run!"
    "My skin is melting! I am sweating!"
    What were they talking about? I felt fine.
    "You guys stay here and get a hold of yourselves. I will check this cave out."
    I started walking in the other direction. Gradually, light started appearing, as it reflected off the stone walls of the cave. I took off my nice clothes. It was getting really hot in this cave.
    I couldn't believe my eyes. Floating above the lava pool, Flamy was meditating.
    He noticed me before I took another step.
    "Greetings, Devin. I hope you enjoyed your prize."
    I wanted to punch him in the face. "Its you again."
    "Yes, Yes. That competition was so easy, I could've easily crushed you."
    "Why didn't you though?"
    "Because of you. The prophecy. We all heard it Devin. All of the elemental gods took place with you that night. Since you had your power, I didn't want to kill you."
    "You are a god?!"
    "Really? You just noticed? I can float and see everything. I saw your friend pull that repeater. Even though I had lots of replacements, I didn't fix it. So, you won for nothing."
    I was really mad. "I will kill you again."
    "Enough violence. I have some advice and some gifts for you. Come to the obsidian."
    I didn't trust a god that fooled me, but I listened.
    "Now that you are here, jump in this lava pool with me. Its very relaxing."
    "Uh, I would prefer not dying right now."
    Flamy didn't listen. He pushed me off the block. Instantly, I felt so relaxed. I started swimming in the lava, I even swallowed some down my throat. It tasted like juicy lemonade and apple cider combined. I licked my lips.
    "See, Devin? You are an elementalist too, one of the last that will ever exist."
    "Which means? I'm sorry, I don't spend time around this place."
    "You have the elemental powers. Eventually, you will learn how to control them, mastering every one of them. However, you will need every god's permission to use that element. Since you proven that you are worthy, by winning the competition, I bestow upon you the power of fire!"
    The ground started shaking. Blocks began to break. The intense heat stopped. This explained everything, my immunity to Flamy's breath, his explosion, the lava.
    "When you finish this quest, you will need the other's powers too."
    What did the others have? Katie could bilocate herself in two different places. But, what about Jacob? A shock came through my mind. It all made sense now. The prison break, the no sarcastic stuff, when he hugged Katie, that voice in the restaurant, when he called the governor. Jacob had the power of the mind. He could control, hypnotize, and sense feelings all around him.
    The lava felt like a hot tub. I was happy. In the distance, I saw Katie and Jacob smile. Flamy started speaking some spells again. "...and Katie, you will never have to close your eyes again to bilocate. I bestow upon you, the true skill of bilocation!"
    The ground shook again. Flamy looked at Jacob.
    "Sorry, Jacob, I don't have any spells that will help you, but I will create, the stairs to the empire! Goodbye!"
    Jacob looked really mad. Flamy dissolved into the lava. Stairs appeared next to Jacob, leading right to the surface. We climbed up. It was a disaster. I was really shocked again. Ben and my uncle were running away from the city. I looked up. A hurricane was over the main capital with a giant zombie villager, with blue eyes.

    Once we found Ben and my uncle, Ben started lecturing me on who they survived.
    " should have been there...We walked for decades...your uncle summoned some icy stuff!"
    "Yeah whatever, but why is there a giant zombie in the middle of the city?!"
    "The news said it was an experiment that failed."
    In the distance, the zombie's eyes turned red, and launched a fireball from his mouth. The explosion made a building collapse. People were running around the city, the police nowhere to be seen.
    "Uh-Did I just see that zombie shoot a fireball?"
    "Yeah, I don't know how it got those powers, but the zombie came from the prison."
    Jacob understood, blurting out the words. "Devin, the shots."
    I remembered again. The scientist took samples of our blood. He must've known our powers already. So, if this zombie has my powers, he could have others..
    "Jacob! Did they take your blood too?" Jacob nervously nodded.
    "What about yours Ben?"
    Ben was shocked by the explosions in the distance, saying, "No. They didn't take anyone else's from other cells."
    "Great. So that means we have to fight an elementalist, mind-controlling, giant zombie villager."
    Katie stood at guard, ready to strike if the zombie saw us. I saw another building collapse, watching some civilians get crushed by the heavy impact. I started to blank out.
    The zombie looked directly at us. I think he detected my fear. His eyes turned purple, and a howling sound came from a few hundred blocks away. We crossed a river, getting closer to the city.
    When we reached the other side, a bunch of wolves surrounded us. It was time to fight. Katie sprang into the action, stomping on a bunch of wolves. Dodging their leap attacks, I took out my sword, swinging into battle. Katie used her mind and instantly bilocated. Her duplicate protected her from the other side, kicking the wolves' heads. Ben jumped into the water, scared like a coward. My uncle summoned a bunch of ice spikes that impaled some wolves in the chest. Jacob was more peaceful, he tricked a mind of a wolf to be on his side, together they fought the other crazy wolves. Everything was dead. Jacob gave his new pet a bone.
    "Hey guys, want a snack?" Jacob grinned as he held up some fresh meat.
    "Where did you get that?"
    Jacob pointed to a wolf's corpse. "Ugh! Disgusting!" I had good friends.
    We continued running towards the city.
  6. The city was in chaos. Buildings toppled over, dead bodies laid on the streets, and my favorite park was gone. The hurricane's winds were intense now, as it blew some newspapers across the streets. It was getting dark, my least favorite part of the day. I always think someone will creep behind me and..
    "Devin! Look out!"
    A building almost crushed him, but he rolled away just in time. We followed the noise, leading up to the Quad Towers. We looked up and saw an ugly, giant zombie villager.
    He looked down at us.
    Devin took all the attention. "I am Devin, and this is Katie, and Jacob, and Ben. We are just watching you. Whats your name?"
    "You don't have a name? Well, lets name you Fatty Green."
    I thought he would kill us now, but he became very happy.
    We all chuckled. "Aren't you going to kill us now?"
    Fatty Green replied,"OH YEAH! BUT I WILL USE ONE OF YOU!"
    I was confused. His eyes started turning blue. He started muttering something under his mouth, looking directly at us. It was very creepy. I didn't notice Devin was on the ground, shaking and hitting his head. Devin stood up with greenish yellow eyes. He was ready to fight. I gulped, remembering what he said.
    We have to fight an elementalist, mind-controlling, giant zombie villager.
    He started charging us all. I had no choice. Jacob punched him in the face, knocking Devin back. Suddenly, Devin launched a fireball at Jacob, lighting him on fire. Ben tried to help Jacob, while I was ready to fight. He tried to punch me, but I parried it, kicking him in the chest. He launched another fireball at me. I rolled out of the way, losing my balance. Fatty Green was laughing as he watched us hurt each other. Devin punched me in the face, hitting my jaw. I spun around and landed on my back, groaning in pain. Luckily, Jacob was ready, tackling Devin until he was on the ground.
    Devin's eyes turned back to normal, as he said. "Katie. Help...Me..Please.." Devin was weak, he could barely stand on his feet.

    Fatty Green's eyes turned blue again, and the hurricane spun faster. The giant gusts of wind blew cars around. We went underneath a piece of metal, hiding from the winds. The winds stopped. There was nothing left, except abandoned skyscrapers, that were about to topple.
    Fatty's eyes turned green again, as he looked directly at us. Devin walked away from me, as he staggered toward the zombie. What is he doing!? Suddenly, Fatty Green let out a giant amount of water from his nose. Instantly, Devin's body let on fire. He was getting so hot, the heat protected us from the mass waves of water. His head was on fire and I wanted to help him. After a few seconds, the heat died, water overwhelming us. * * * I was still alive. Fatty was gone. My home and my whole life was gone. My old school, my old friends, my dog, my dad, my home. It was all gone. I started to cry. The capital of the Radiation Empire just got destroyed. What will we do now? I looked around. Jacob and Ben were not here. I saw an outline of a person laying on the ground, a few meters away. It was Devin. He was barely breathing.
    "Devin! Oh no, Oh no!"
    "I'm sorry Katie. I could've done better."
    "What do you mean?! You saved our lives. Thank you."
    I kissed him on the cheek. He smiled.
    "What happens now? Where do we go?"
    "I don't know Devin. We are the only ones left. I don't know if Jacob and Ben are alive."
    Suddenly, a gush of wind came from the sky. The Huge Radiation Empire Fleet prepared to land. Lots of workers came out, scanning and looking around the area. They don't know what happened either.
    General Abrahams came out. "Well, Well, Well, Its the troublemaker again. You probably destroyed the whole city. Take him in handcuffs!"
    Devin was forced into the giant cruiser, until I was left with the General. The sun was reflecting off the ground, hurting my eyes. I was really tired. "Miss. You have violated many rules. Not listening to the police, missing several meetings, exploring unknown territory. Don't worry. We found the place. We will interrogate you first, then you can come back into the ranks of the empire. We need some information from you." He escorted me into the cruiser, where I never saw Devin again.

    Fatty Green found the Uncle's house.
    "Its you again."
    "Don't worry, I think I can kill you now."
    "I see. But, you aren't prepared against Ice Wizardry!"
    Uncle launched an Ice spear, landing on Fatty's feet.
    Uncle threw a bunch of ice spikes that stuck to Fatty's arm.
    Fatty's eyes turned red, looking right at Uncle.
    "No! No! ARGH!"
    Uncle was banging his head on the floor. He stopped and said in a trance, "I will obey you now."
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