The point in PURCHASING a mob spawner?

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  1. So, i've noticed recently alot of people have begun to start selling mob spawners. Sure, they're doing all of the work for you and you're lazy, so just give them 5k, which isn't that big of a deal in the empire nowadays, and you have all of the mob drops and exp you want.

    What's the point? You're wasting your rupees on CO-ORDINATES, and not the actual mob spawner. As mentioned in ICC's disclaimer, anybody has the rights to set foot on the dungeon as much as you.
    Somebody could light it up, grief it, or take your mossy cobblestone.

    So what is the exact point of wasting money on co-ordinates that leads to something easily found and griefed? Why do people not move their butts and go on a big adventure in the wild and find one themselves? I think the empire is pretty much made up of lazy, rupee-hungry, EMC guide evading players. And the ones that aren't are accused of griefing if they set foot on someone else's 'property' (which usually isn't built on) and then reported.

    Rant over :D

    Also, mods, close this if it gets out of hand. I see a flame war coming on sometime soon, and when it comes I just want the post closed immediately.
  2. people dont want to waste time looking so they buy them i believe it boosts the economy and helps XP get round
  3. Your post is so confusing. Demanding you want it closed but yet explaining that people can get ripped off buying spawners from people? I think you got a bit confused in your un-needed rage.
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  4. I agree in some of it.

    I would never sell a mobspawner that wasent build..

    like made efficient, enchanting room, storage room, access, doors, hidden etc.

    cause a spawner, is simply not worth most the money.
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  5. You know the point in buying one. Getting tons of xp and mob drops.Anyways, if someone were to find someone else's I doubt they would greif it. They would probably just sneekin, use it, get out in a constant cycle. Thats what I did when I first started on EMC 304 days ago, I found one that was just a mob drop grinder due to xp didn't exist.I mooched off of it until they reset the world. Ever since I have found all my mob spawners ligit.I have two now that I have found ligit, plus lots of money revenues from mob spawners, thousands of rupees a spent each day on enchanted tools and tons of mob drops. It really helps the EMC economy if you think about it.
  6. yeah i might remove it... but i makes sense if you read it the right way..
  7. im doing the same with ******* grinder. it got greifed a while back though as its not very far from spawn. its a blaze spawner. i came back to it 2-3 weeks ago on a friday.. ( i remember because it was my cousins b-day party ) all the glass was broke and some of the pistons were gone.
  8. Yah, some people are stupid and greif them. They are idiot b/c they could get away with using them.He is a pictue of my skele spawner. 2012-07-16_23.55.34.png
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  9. i know most people pay maybe 10k for a spawner. then they end up earning 100k from using it...i think they are worth more than what they are selled for
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  10. The reason why I made this post is to say why can't the lazy people do something useful and go look for a mob spawner on their own? They're not all that hard to find and aren't as rare as people think they are. I found 3 spawners 10 blocks away from eachother, and the mob drops were very good. Then somebody griefed it and now I don't use them.
  11. Actually, I've had 5-6 spawners and almost all of them has been griefed.. Like they could use them, but they decide to grief them instead.?
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  12. I would use a skeleton spawner (as it means sometimes rare drop bows and plenty of arrows) or a zombie spawner. Zombies mean iron swords ;)
  13. I have zombie spawner and used to be rolling in spades,helmets,Swords. lol but i have something better now lets just say smelting stuff now and getting Fuel is easy;)
  14. Power 1 bows galore, bones/arrows make so much money.
  15. Ive opened a public blaze grinder in smp9 for the lazy :D
  16. PM Me co-ords plz
  17. You get way more by making a grinder and SELLING the drops. It's quite profitable actually.
  18. It's like saying "why purchase anything at all?" because you can get all the materials yourself right? It just makes it easier and more convenient, the reason why people purchase most things.
  19. Its part of the risk, i believe that you shouldn't have posted this thread in the first place
  20. Why not? These lazy people probably suck at single player.