The Perfect Tens

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  1. Hi,
    Beholder here to tell you about a new team of players that have set up a new EMC lifestyle! We are called 'The Perfect Tens'. We play Empire Minecraft at the optimum level of difficulty. If you feel like this is the challenge for you, there are some things you should consider...
    The monsters are extremely dangerous, night travel on the surface is perilous. Mobs run, jump, break into your safe spots, or drag you out kicking. You become hungry faster, and your life hearts renew much slower. Fire burns you faster, damage is increased. Even our tools wear much faster. It's back to basics of safety first, planning every step before you take it. Working with other P10's, and looking out for each other. The goals may vary on every expedition. Money, mining, building material, hunting, whatever it is, it is sure to be dangerous and exciting. Contact me in game on SMP1 or leave a reply here to join our team, and start playing EMC the way the heroes play.

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  2. I'm a Splendid Seven. =P
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  3. Highly recommended to get voter gear. You die often enough that to get your stuff thats floating to have soulbound armour and weapons.

  4. Me too.
  5. Why are you putting random pics?
  6. They're not that random, they seem to fit perfectly in this case.
  7. I only play at 11... you know... for when I need that extra kick

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  8. I'm only a five. :p
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  9. Yeah, but what's you PS difficulty?
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  10. 5 :)
  11. Yer right!
  12. 'The Perfect Tens' will be infiltrating the nether soon. Whatever differences there are at the optimum danger level, we are sure to find out. There wont be any running in the Nether, we slowly build as we go...Fortresses now are grave yards. Move room to room together and slowly or succumb to a fiery demise. We will be establishing a compound there, to hunt Ghasts, Wither Skeletons, and Magma Cubes.

  13. Aren't pigmen aggressive by default on difficulty 10? And they'd also a ton of extra damage lol. I don't deny that it's possible to survive in the nether on difficulty 10 - if you were to bring lots of god apples and extra armor. But with voters, I find it hard to believe you won't get mauled after ~5 seconds haha
  14. Actually, I scouted the nether...It is impossible to survive. At the present time, 10 in the nether is closed to almost everyone. At least in the waste you can work in the daytime, and mine at night. As a Perfect Ten, our most potent weapon against monsters and death is...Fire! We cook our food with it, burn our enemies with it, and keep the monsters at bay with its light. A sword is little use to us without a torch in the other hand! In the nether unfortunately there is no night and day, Monsters are not damaged by lava, or deterred with light. It's a frontier we won't be travelling in on level 10 difficulty. Also, as a fiery ghetto, there isn't much there to do either...
    If we do go, members can be on whatever challenge level they want. Until maybe staff makes it possible to survive.

  15. Worth the struggle! I am a perfect ten! Wooooh! Soooooo fun!:)
  16. * Dies 10 times on 6 *
    No, thanks. But great concept! I hope lots of people join! :p
  17. We have about 9 members that work together on level ten. You get used to it, and you just have to be more prepared. If you forget food for instance on level five its no big deal, night travel isn't a big deal either...on level ten its a big deal.
  18. Fits in with my horse that got stomped on by a Level 10 Momentus. Beholder you still owe me:p.