The Origins of Fendy: Nub at Heart

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  1. The Origins of Fendy: Nub at Heart

    Chapter 1 - It Begins

    It all started when he was just a wee Fendling, though he did not yet possess a name at the time. His mother, a good, hardworking woman, was attempting to give him his first bottle of milk. However, the little bouncing baby would just giggle, snatch the bottle from her hands, and place it on his head, for surely it was a new kind of hat. His mother speedily realized that this baby was at least eighty, nay, ninety percent nub. The mother had no children before, and despite always putting her full effort into everything she did, she knew she was not experienced enough to safely raise a child of such nubbiness. And so, she gathered up a woven cradle, tucked the giggling, bottle-hat-wearing baby within, and covered him with his favorite blankie. Then she taped a note to the side:

    To the owner of this establishment,

    This is my most precious and youngest child. It pains me to give him up, but I am not wise enough nor am I strong enough to raise him. He is afflicted with one of the worst cases of the nubs that I have ever seen, and I fear that he shall perish swiftly in my care.
    Thus, I bestow him upon your doorstep in hopes that you may successfully raise him with whatever wisdom you may possess. The path may be long, and it may be hard, but I hope to one day see my child, my little nub-biscuit, rise to the ranks of the greatest leaders our world has known.
    You have done me a great service on this day. Perhaps one day I shall return to this place and see what has become of my precious one.

    Many thanks,

    The mother smiled as she read her letter, especially pleased with how she had managed to omit her surname so that she could not be tracked down. Then she plucked up the basket and flew to the strange and mysterious place known as New York, where she dropped her child on the first doorstep she found: the doorstep of the New York City Fire Department.
    As she turned away, her eyes came to rest on the initials on the side of one of the gleaming red trucks: F. D. N. Y... Fdny? If she said it out loud, it almost sounded cute, like Fendy. Suddenly struck by inspiration, she gave her child one last gift: a name.
    The mother reached down and added a note to the bottom of her letter.

    P. S.
    The baby's name is Fendy. Keep him safe for me, please.

    As she left the baby, who had fallen asleep in his basket, a single tear rolled down her cheek. The firemen would always assume that the name of the child came only from the abbreviation of their department: FDNY. But she and she alone would always know that a small piece of her named her child Fendy because from this point on, her dearest possession would have to fend for itself.

    Overcome by a wave of regret, she drove onward.

    Meanwhile, a firefighter opened the door and found the baby that had been left on his doorstep. The fireman smiled in sympathy as the baby awoke and began to cry, beating the sides of his basket with tiny green fists. The fireman reached down, picked up the baby, and took him inside. The door swung gently shut behind them.

    And so began the life of Fendy, a nub from the start.
  2. This is such a beautiful story, it's so true. *sniffs* It brought a tear to my eye to hear the beginning on my ninety percent nub self, and I eagerly await to cry some more at more of my origins of being a nub at heart :p Although I am very sure that ninety percent is definitely a lower percentage than what it actually is :rolleyes:

    PS: I see what you did here. Fend sounds like Fendy. I see it...
  3. Love it so far Hash. Pretty true.
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  4. Love The style of writing and applaud the use of words. #Fendy
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  5. Most beautiful text I have read in the history of forever. I rate it eight out of eight. Much applause.
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  6. You need to contact a publishing company.
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  7. I saw this title... Seriously... Wat
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  8. Bump. I'll try to get Chapter 2 out tomorrow with a couple more this weekend. :)
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  9. When I first read the title I thought you were going to reveal that FDNY21 was your alt. :p Great Story
  10. This is beautiful... ;u;
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  11. Oh wow, that's great.
    And more chapters are coming? :eek: Awesome!
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  12. Well, ya know, everyone is my alt, so that's a given. :p And thanks!
    Of course more are coming! :D I can't stop until Fendy the Nub reaches his current status in life, now can I? :p Yes, this story will continue until Fendy is the FDNY21 we all point and laugh at today. :) Or is that know and love? Same expression, in his case. :p
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  13. Most magnificent story :D *cries*
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  14. Bump. :) Chapter (or maybe two?) to come out later today. Sneak peek: Fendy's going to become bilingual. :eek:
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  15. If I magically become bilingual in my past, how am I not bilingual now? Unless nub is a language...
  16. Your loss of language will be explained in chapter 5. :) Heartbreaking story, that.
  17. I eagerly await to hear my loss of language... :rolleyes:
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  18. So excited! :D